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Bound to fail, it is not true and I. I don't know how we. Combat the marketing machine that is against it that is against the environmental movement as a whole, but using their same tools to promote something that is not real, not really sustainable I don't think is the way to do it either. Green new sizzle. Yeah But you raise an important point that I think. We need to acknowledge and keep in mind as we explore solutions, which were about to to dig into because a hen referred to a piece in the New York Times about how conservatives are starting to use the economic challenges of the COVID. Nineteen shutdown to incite fear of the coming green new deal other saying this is what a carbon constrained. World will look like this. Isn't this miserable I think we're going to every now and then have to put on our marketing hats, Christine and figure out a way to beat them at that game. One part of it I think is this dichotomy. I mean in terms of this Kobe crisis. They're saying that look at where the green new deal is going to be hell. Because look at the hell. We're facing for the economy well. We didn't have to have this health or the economy. What we have is a two party system that is not offering us alternatives for what could be happening during this cova crisis, we could be giving a universal basic income to everybody right now. Like many other countries are doing. We could be giving Medicare for all to everyone and we wouldn't be going through this economic crisis. Crisis and we could still be shutdown, or we can still have people living a decent life through this like many of the other nations, particularly in thinking of Spain are doing. In fact, Spain is nationalizing a lot of their previously private programs in order to affect that change. They've changed it now. They're going to change in the future. And so I think part of it is that we are not imagining all the possibilities. We have this one possibility from the so called bright one possibility from so-called left, and there's a plethora of other possibilities there being off the table, and maybe that's what needs to be. Put out there. I think we'll get into that today, so that makes me even more excited about the conversation I don't WanNa. Make the preamble taken our, but I. do want to offer one other thing. that. I was thinking earlier today about the wish I had said during the Webinar and I know one of the things that. Was a catalyst for US hosting these two sessions was that the people who saw planet of the humans were disappointed that the film didn't offer solutions. And I just want to as a filmmaker. Stand up a little bit for the filmmaker, but also in a way kind of set the stage for what we're doing today. I think that Jeff Gibbs needed before offering solutions. He really needed to make the case for what the problem is. That needs solutions and took a film to do that, but additionally I think it would be pretty arrogant, filmmaker, or even arrogant of us to. Assume that we have all the solutions. No does knowing one has all the solutions, so the goal is for everyone who is seeking solutions considering them discussing promoting or implementing solutions we want everybody involved in that to have all of that be informed by the fundamental truth that we've gotten too big for our planet and technology alone can't fix that. So we're GONNA, talk about solutions, today and some suggestions but. I don't think we have duck all the magic answers and we won't even. Give everybody, a detailed, raspy, or to do list for all the things that we think should be on the table, but we'll give you a lot enough that you can. You know what you might want to explore what you might WanNa try, but if you walk away from having seen that film from having watched or listened to our discussions, if you walk away with this new operating system in your head, that says bigger isn't better We just can't keep on chasing more than the things that you come up with the. They'll be more appropriate. You'll come up with solutions instead of more problems for solve. Their enough. Okay. Gary Walkner wrote his. Environmental Writer Director of the Save the Colorado River Organization rivers in the name of the organization, but that's what he's talking about with Safety Colorado. He wrote A. Review of planet of the humans, and he said something pretty. Insightful thought which was that the film forces a necessary discussion about what environmentalism needs to become, which is a comprehensive critique and advocacy against human overpopulation over consumption and overdevelopment, really are looking here for a way for for some common goals that everybody in the environmental movement can get behind. We do not want to pick fights with three fifty dot, org or Sierra club or any renewable energy advocates. We all really have the same goals in mind so today talk a little bit about aspirations, but let's really try to drill down to the practical steps that I think everybody's dying to hear about. That would be a rational response to the news. That technology can't save us. So what I want to know is if we can agree to start with that. We have two big. Buckets of solutions that we want to talk about one bucket of things that we can do to contract the global economy and another bucket things that we can do to contract the global human population. Do I have agreement on that or am I missing bucket. Two big buckets. And daunting to. Okay. No one's contesting that. Yes okay. Some people are going to think that we can work on one bucket and solve the problem in fact I think it's fair to say there are people in the world with both opinions, something that we can ignore human overpopulation and still get into sustainable mode, and some people think that we can just focus on human overpopulation and keep on living high on the Hog, as we are today and solve the problem and I'm betting that everybody at the table today. I would disagree with both of those crowds that we. I know in my heart. I am quite positive that we have got to be working on both of those. Yeah I, just want to mention something I've found with a lot of people I. Talk to people in the movement. It just seems like it's the old cliche to a man with a hammer. Everything's a nail, so there's a lot of people from whatever industry they're in whatever field they're in think they have the magic bullets solution within their fields, and so if we just take down capitalism, like said if just. Just deal with overpopulation so I think that's one way of talking to everybody saying that look, you're not wrong, but we need all of this. We need all on the table and we can't think there's one way to fix anything. It reminds me of our obesity epidemic, and if you remember I think it started in the ninety s, it was all low sugar. No, no not low sugar, low, fat, low fat. and. It was like okay. We're GONNA. Take on this obesity epidemic. We could still eat all the same stuff, and it's just all about the fat, and that proves to be totally wrong, and we still do that with diets and stuff, but it's like we're approaching the environment in the same way. I really liked that analogy. Very much. Yeah, because people just want it's. It's very easy to say okay. I'm going to eliminate all of this stuff. I don't have to worry about any of this. All I have to do is just hyper. Focus on this one thing that makes it very very easy right? If we can just say, it's just capitalism I'm only going to devote my time and energy to justice. That would be you. You know an efficient use of my time, but I can't do it by myself. I. Also need to make friends with the people who are population sustainability advocates. I need to make friends with people who WanNa talk, just climb it or people who WanNa talk about biodiversity loss like everybody should have their area focus and shouldn't be a competition of WHO's GonNa. Save the planet I. It should be like. Saving. The planet is such a huge job. We all need to get together and come up with solutions that we all have the same goal so. We need to find a way of getting there together. Can I say one more thing Dave like you mentioned about that. We don't all have the solutions so I'm glad you said that because we have suggestions, but no one has a solution. I'll tweet. Be doing it however, or while there's institutional reasons. We can't, but the other thing is I think we need to realize that we may not save. The planet we mean not save our species. There are other species on the planet, but. If we'RE MORAL PEOPLE IF WE'RE COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE IF we love other humans and other species. then. We're still gonNA fight to do what we can. It may not be a win. We may be too late, but you know there's some people who are trying to throw in the towel and say well. It's too light. We can't do anything. You might be right, but if you're. What else can you do if you're a moral person and you care then just keep working on it, and at least a Levy, eight, the pain and suffering of many teams and other species on the planet. We sometimes. Get.

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