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By Coca Cola Co. Carry the program until 1952 and by 1956. Its final year, the program was sustained on the network returned with us now to those fabulous days of yesteryear with the Charlie McCarthy Show and Special Guest star Monty Woolley from March of 1947, another classic radio program from the audio vault of yesteryear. Major bowls I missed. The shadow knows Fred Allen shally folks. The laughter of Duffy's Whatever Helen Trent of every Way, way. Can you Top this suspense in the Whistler? Send those shivers of us by It's uncle done. I wish that he was Jack. I'm strong murder. Marching aside and Andy are longer term dial again past smiling way. Mrs. Rodeo Rodeo Dodea does radio missing so Makers of taste and sound one coffee bring you the Charlie McCarthy show. This is Karen Carpenter. Ladies and gentleman greeting you on behind. But the Bergen shot of McCarthy Arraign Orville and his orchestra need a garden water, Mr. Pat Patrick, on our special guest this evening body Willie on here is that American and Charlie McCarthy. Well, baby.

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