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Wasn't like showing up at an event wasn't like he was showing up. But like, you just there's just some air your Sean white like people are going to constantly criticize you, Tom. Do you agree? I think you're if you're if you're presenting yourself at someone holding your is that your your publicly, and and and the corporately all whatever holding yourself to some standard labeling yourself a hero. Yep. Like like, he is then then you have to do that. Also. Just think sometimes has got to think of another person once in a while not just thinking what's going to get his buddies at the half pipe to crack up. Right. Just like I would never go to the half pipe and start doing tricks on a snowboard like Stay east. out of the realm of wouldn't even say stat of your lane. I would just stay in your lane. I would just say, you know, it is it is a difficult thing. Yes. It is making his friends latte. He's not understanding the gravity of who he is. And this is like this is where you understand that X games are like guys to be just like a bunch of dudes smoking weed in like flying down a hill. Now, you're Olympics, bro. Hit his girlfriend or something. There was a domestic abuse charge slapped on him if years ago, so now it's like you already went through that you had to apologize for a lot of things. I mean, I am seeing it like, yeah. Just use better judgment in that case. Like not that you are known for your judgment, your snowboarder. But like. Just go to Walgreens and pick up one of his ironman things with the plastic mask and the apron that you put on that's like so highly flammable. If it if it went through fire twenty miles away from you. You could go up. There's a guy on Santa Monica boulevard in LA who just looks at another guy is like girl. And then if you're standing you're that you're gonna burst into Flint's. All right now. We've moved the World Series is over we've moved. I felt like in life. We've moved past member like every year when the cardinals played the brewers. It was like our mayor in Saint Louis said to the mayor up in Milwaukee, you gotta drink a case of Budweiser. You gotta drink a case of Miller lite. The may oral bet the stupid may oral bet. Yeah. Yeah. And this is why I think it should be a wife swab or something like. Okay. So this is why you're up in Canada. I want to Canadian teams to win the Stanley Cup. I would love to see like a conducts of Winnipeg Jets out even though they in both of the west. I think whatever it is just I would love to see the Montreal Canadians against the women peg jets or the to New Orleans, or what have you I would love to see those teams because you could see to mayor say, we're swapping wives for this. And they would have to do and live live with that. That's a very Canadian thing to happen. But like to lose s to like eat his dog out on the Yukon like peninsula. Took them out there. Up. Here would be just like a gallon of of our Tim Hortons. Call coffee for a gallon of your Tim Horton. Call. No, no. We do it. I walked by the cottage. It's whole different flavor. That's like saying a moose licenses like an elk laces not a same there. So six flags LA decided to rename roller coaster after the Red Sox over the loss worlds. So now you've got six to two franchises within the same company. So six flags LA LA Najib magic mountain versus the six flags outside of Boston or saying we you have to rename roller coaster like the dodgers screaming eagle or whatever. You know? What? I mean. It's like what do they name?.

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