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They are those sort of folks who say that look Republicans don't win when they're not conservative enough. And if this. This election. If twenty eighteen doesn't teach Republicans anything it should be that those folks are absolutely on the wrong track. Because again, you've gotta have more people on your team than the Democrats have on their team. If you're going to win as Republicans, and you know, you look at the track record of empower Texans, and those sorts of groups this year, they're candidates did not do well to underscore the point in Texans spent all incredible amounts of resources on Connie Burton trying to get her, you know, over the finish line in that state Senate seat in Tarrant county didn't work out you even had a lot of Republicans revolting for the democrat because they Republican was not representing her community. She was representing this small group of contributors, and these folks who sort of adhere to very strict ideology that says that you can't paint outside these lines very much and so being voters in that area. Retired of that Braddock we got about three minutes, but I'm going to follow up on what you just said. And I want you to explain this to listeners you say conservative enough. But do you mean Christian enough, especially if we're talking about disbanding doing away with a vice chairman who's Muslim in let me put out this qualifier? I have been involved in evangelization of mea. Okay. And I I don't mean to turn this into the gospel power hour, but when I've learned in of always staggered to learn how many west Texans go onto Muslim countries because it's a natural integration. Because of our familial ties, the conservative family, I right? And then the other conservative values that run just cross streams between Republicans, and I'm sorry between a white American conservatives and Muslims in a wonder. If whenever you say conservative enough in Tarrant county means Christian enough because in my experience Muslims are plenty conservative whenever it comes to social values. Well, it depends on the issue. I think that yes, it we were talking just now about empower Texans chaired by guy who is someone who reportedly said to the Jewish speaker of the Texas house. Of course, retiring Joe Straus, they had a meeting where he said, we're Tim done said that only Christians should be in positions of power. I know there's a lot of listeners will agree with that. But I I don't necessarily think that when you say if someone is, you know, conservative enough or not that that necessarily means they are Christian enough. You look at some of the other issues that these groups have been focused on for example, strict adherence to never ever the idea of never spending any money out of the states economic stabilization fund rainy day fund. It's often called I don't know that that has anything to do with being Christian. But it does have to do with a ham. You know, sort of tying the hands of lawmakers and making it almost impossible for them to make the kinds of decisions that voters send them to Austin to make you know, writing the Texas budget is a herculean effort. We've talked about it many times, it's a two hundred billion dollar document that is written over a twenty four month horizon, and to be able to do that you need lex ability. And you look at what's happening right now where that retiring speaker, Joe Straus told the legislative budget board and this gets down into the weeds a little bit. But he made a motion at the L B B, which is just some top lawmakers who make decisions about the budget. They decided at his urging to not rain in lawmakers just yet about how much money they're allowed to spend under the Texas constitution that board is supposed to set a spending limit for the upcoming legislature. Their whole bottom line is. Holding off on that for right now because they know what they need to do. In the meantime, while there's a lot of uncertainty is to have like ability the price of oil has been down which is not good for the Texas economy and therefore not good for the state's budget writers..

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