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Miniature got sick during the war. That's decision. He made win. Just because you didn't take a bullet over there. Stories for so long. Okay. Organ liberal. Just an all star cast their for a sergeant will Gardner that opened today in theaters and is available video on demand. And we're back with the man behind it, the writer director and the star max MARTINI. Max thank you for coming on America. Trans love love love it that you're having me. Thank you so much. Where's that thrilled? And it must have been thrilling to to have your friends. Gary Sinise, you're from the unit Robert Patrick, come come and support this it had to be fun shooting it and so at a firing. Gary. Through our charity work and became friends. Weird something in common or concern for veterans. Working with him. One is an actor was such a dream. Come true, you know, but but being able to collaborate with this on the film with the this driving cars behind it was even better. Roberts. Great friend of mine. Head to the castle. One of the things that it was so beautiful about the beginning processes of putting this this project together. The cast in the people were so passionate about what we were trying to do. I'm trying to accomplish New Mexico had a program that. For veterans. So we pulled from the program. We put veterans to work behind the camera. Really? Oh, yeah. We had one of the stores were. Tanada is a local address in Mexico that is was in the army. He he jumped from the plane as he was injured in that John was parachute. Tangled he bounced on the ground and survived it, and you know, when he came I came into office. And he said, look, you know with Florida this. My father was a veteran. I'm a veteran. I had this is this accident and had a difficult time. I will say that not all do. But but a lot of soldiers have difficult time navigating the VA system. It took a decade to get his Venezuela sedan. You don't want we call to give him the the role. He was practically living out of his car. So this was a major success story. And and it was such a great thing that he could join us, and we were able to help him out financially and give them a career a boost his traumatic traumatic is fantastic actor, and so happy to affordable projects max that is such a neat story about you have some many. So you you have Mona vista productions, but any production company, tell us again with this New Mexico, and they can specifically call in and try to hire people who have served our country. There's there's a through the New Mexico film authors. They have a veteran veteran program. So if you're a veteran and you're looking to get into movie production, and then there's quite a lot of it in New Mexico. You can call. The walk you through the steps. But they're they're really behind the veteran community there. And they have this amazing program. And if you're a filmmaker and you're going to New Mexico. You can get a tax break by using the veterans in in your also helping veterans by bringing them on. And it's just a great program all around. So, you know, take advantage of God bless that sounds so knees. I'm just so thrilled that again opening today sergeant will Gardner and on VOD people can just watch it. Now. Click over right after hearing here. Max talk about it. And then it's coming out on Blu Ray to right? So the movie comes out on Blu Ray, DVD February nineteenth..

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