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The ceo is rick lane and he tells us this will absolutely move the needle in terms of futures volume well a mixed day on wall street and us equity performance who is actually quite divergent with the dowa ashley yeah the market so right around the starting line let's get more on the details there from bloomberg's charlie pellett in this wall street rap another day of records at least for the dow jones industrial average and the sp 500 index while the nasdaq composite index retreated paul quincy is global head of equities at jp morgan investment management barron becker final tells me incredibly positive environment of strong growth strong profitability inflation is still low and interest rate has started to move up but they're still exceptionally low by loan according them a positive environment i can remember the sp 500 index was up by almost two points to a record twenty eight thirty nine our by less than onetenth of 1 percent the dow rallied one hundred forty points to twenty six thousand three hundred ninety two up by five tenths of one percent nasdaq fell almost four points down about one tenth of one percent in new york charlie pellett bloomberg daybreak asia all right 34 past there let's get you caught up on markets it was really this abrupt reversal in the dollar that was the key story during us trading that came when uh president trump said the comments made by steve mnuchin his treasury secretary on dollar weakness those comments were kinda taken out of context so at one point the bloomberg dollar spot index had been down by as much as onehalf of 1 percent we finished the new york session higher by nearly two tents one present right now we're holding on to a gain in the bloomberg dollar spot by about one tenth of one percent flip side it added question has given us a weaker yen a 109 sixty three in the dollaryen relationship and that's helping the nikkei higher by about four tenths of one percent over in in the bond market us 10year treasury and the tokyo session picking up about onehalf of one basis point to sixty two on the ten year in yield terms no trading in sydney today given a holiday in australia and in seoul the cosby is a weakening now by about two tenths of one percent back of the foreign exchange we are seeing a bit of recovery in.

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