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To the business happy hour with branko ryan pilkington and doug ford now back to the show all right guys is our last segment i know you want more so make you find us on our podcast on the iheart radio website and we're going to push boosted through facebook today busted busted boosted if i heard had there there's there acts together they give us the six o'clock hour or two i guess but hey you know if you guys are listening in studio and we'll give out the studios phone number for you guys to call and say we want more business happy i can we forget that rush guy though riley the six o'clock hour who is on the show that's a call iheartradio in tampa and tell them you want the business happy are not gardening at six o'clock hydroponics all right never mind i'll start watching that one so we're gonna get into the sting rate of ice in just a minute but we almost forgot to talk about one of the biggest news stories it's out there it's the amazon donald trump postal service fiasco here okay so so here's what i know about it all right in our statistician ryan's gonna jump in but the the apparently amazon or the postal service made an agreement five years ago for ridiculous a good price for amazon to get all their stuff shipped to our door and that agreement is about to expire at the end of the year in the story goes that the postal service is losing money on every single package yeah it's it's actually set but ryan you looked it up to to get some some truth to this that's actually the lone bright spot for for the postal services parcel deliveries right the the post office has lost seven or sixty five billion dollars since oh seven so they they have not had a prophet of many years and it has nothing to do with amazon it's because e mail i mean you think of it their email destroyed the postal service there their their their volume is down i think it's half what it used to be.

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