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You. Thanks for listening to startup sales with Adams Springer subscribe to the podcast. So you never miss an episode contact at him about speaking engagements or consulting services at Adam at stirred up sales dot IO. Our Jeremy let's finish things off for the final five. All right. What is your favorite sales or leadership book? Wow. Read for sales and leadership advice. I there's not one person. No, I follow John barrows and I enjoy following him. And then I follow Keenan the sales guy. And I would say it's love it's like a love hate or bittersweet kind of relationship that I I think is content is often outstanding. But I'm not. I love his style. But I looked past the past style. Look at me. Oh, sorry. One more. I apologize which is Chris Orlob at gong. Actually, he probably is my number one because he has such great data driven stuff. Yeah. Just had a a meet his CEO and founder on the show. Awesome. Great. Are you vailable twenty four seven or do you have strict personal time boundaries? I don't have personal time boundaries. But I would say it's available from eight AM to eleven pm after that. I shut down. Good. What is your favorite tool used for sales? So I can't use my own company. I guess. Scree great tool, and I think it'd have have a solution like this I joined because I was a customer for many years. But besides that, I think my favorite sales tool is Lincoln sales navigator accent? What one piece of advice, you have for all the founders and sales leaders out there. Well, I haven't been a founder. So like, I probably don't have the credibility to give advice except Beato keep your head up. Probably because because it's from the founders I've noticed incredibly it's incredibly hard for the sales leaders. My advice is is I really pattern this after the sales leaders that I've had the most respect for them that I learned from it gets another book, I love is not a sales book, but it's called radical candor definitely one of my favorite books, and the just a radical candor is is that you cared deeply and you challenge directly. And I think the my advice to sales leaders is basically build your relationship capital by carrying deeply about people all the time. And then you spend that relationship capital challenging them directly to to achieve what they need to achieve to be successful. What you need them to achieve to be successful so practice practice. Radical candor is my advice. Excellent practice around Ogle kit, radical candor, I'll put that book in the show notes this well for everybody listening. Yeah. It's incredible book. Jeremy thank you very much again. My pleasure. Thanks again. Adam.

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