Joe Lonzo, John, John Boyega discussed on Radio Free Endor: A 'Star Wars' Podcast


To episode thirty nine Radio Free Endo and it seems that this is the month for wraps not the kind you get on subway or EMINEM's latest release but star wars projects wrapping up there filming with a party or two with that next just check him with John Boyega at his party where we say where that think could yeah we outsold Joe Lonzo. Oh He's a good tom see if I could get him John On. How's it going John? What's it like what we call? It make looks like he's Jonas. Send the baby own. Glad Jonas's called babies for the night. I'll tell you what let's head. Over to the mandoline rap showy degen foul lots look sovereign Ryo time may be a dying needs get into this policy. I'll tell you what let's get out of it and have a chance of friendly show stalls altis Jason w Christmas Jason how you doing I hi.

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