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Alan howard and casey limits the latter of whom also directed the film joining us to separate fact from fiction in the movie is kate clifford larsen a historian and author of the book bound for the promised land. Harriet tubman portrait of an american hero. Dr larson was also the historical consultant on the movie. Before we connect with dr larson. No it's time to set up our game to truth and a lie if near the show. Here's how it works. I'm about to say three things. Two of them are true and that means one of them is a lie. Are you ready okay here. They are number one. Harriet tubman first trip back south. What's to rescue her brother's number to harriet. Tubman was not known as moses to the slave catchers like we see and movie number three. After harry escaped her husband john remarried a woman named caroline. Got him okay. Now as you're listening to our story today your challenge is to find the two facts scattered somewhere throughout the episode and by a simple process of elimination. You'll be able to find out which one is ally. And of course we'll do a recap at the end of the episode to see how well you did all right now. It's time to chat with dr larson about the historical accuracy of harriet. The.

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