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I'm sure you can think of certain things that happen along the way that you enjoy seeing. And then of course, things that definitely put a damper on the day. WNYC? Shumita Basu is now on the transportation beat and she's been thinking about the commute experience. And she's here apparently play a little game high sch- Amita. Hi, Richard hell's about this game? Okay. It's game. I just made up. I call it favorite least favorite. I introduced it. Earlier this week when I was sitting in for Alison Stewart hosting all of it. On monday. And we spent fifteen minutes of the show inviting people to call in and tell us two things, what's your least favorite thing. And so it's not just a venting session, right? What's your favorite thing about your commute time? He guessed the phone lines were full were. And we got lots of tweets to I wanted to open up the game to our morning edition listeners. But I hear what some people had to say about the worst part of their commute. Is the fact that I leave in the dark at least in the winter months, leaving the dark and come home in the dark, and that just it's really depressing seeing mentally ill people, confused or worse or homeless on the subway. My least favorite site is I'm taking root eighty in New Jersey, and I have to get onto another major highway two eighty seven and my least favorite site is brake lights from all the traffic is backed up interchange. It's awful. I hate it. And let's end on a positive note. Here are some favorite parts calling on behalf of my wife in the car with her one time, and she said, oh, they're in my voters and sure enough, but. About a dozen vultures. And apparently, they hang out near the exit all the time and my wife, really loves, Shannon. When I get into the subway, and there's the walls. All the walls of the subways. I love those usually someone sitting right below it. So directly about that both things that you're looking at them. Poems. Really great. I love seeing which books people are reading right now. But also even more seeing if people just want to be seen reading, you know, favorite thing is after work every shift heading back to the subway on fourteenth street, I stopped at the same Bodega the workers. They're all know my name and just make me feel like a beloved regular. I can relate to that guy who has leave in the dark every morning. Oh, I know you can Richard well listeners tweet yours at WNYC. Or at me, I'm at shoe best sue one favorite one least favorite. Remember you have to have both. And I'm especially interested in thinking about how to make your least favorite part of your commute a little bit better. Maybe you can give ideas for everyone to enjoy their commutes would love to come up with a list. Shumita basu. Thanks. Thanks, richard..

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