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Says she and CPS won't abandon talks, but students and pre K special needs and kindergarten through eighth grade teachers and support staff are expected to be back in class on Monday. Winter Storm warning starts at three o'clock this afternoon and runs through five tomorrow afternoon, WGN meteorologist Tom Skilling says. By the time it's all over, we could see 5 to 11 inches total, depending on where you are. We'll have the full forecast in just a moment. Massachusetts congressman who has received both doses of the Fizer Corona virus vaccine has tested positive. The office of US representative Stephen Lynch said yesterday. The lawmaker had a negative test result before attending President Biden's inauguration. Office says Lynch is positive test result came after a staff member in his Boston office tested positive earlier this week. If you are looking for vaccination information, you can find out where to sign up for covert 19 vaccinations in Illinois on our website, go to WGN radio dot com. And a SWAT team was sent to the former John Hancock Center after people reported hearing a gunshot on a residential floor. Last night, the SWAT team made entry into a unit, but police say the offender was no longer there. A bullet fragment was found inside a neighboring apartment, but no one was hurt. 704, WGN Sports Jo brand third straight non win for the black locks, but they've got one of the best power plays in the NHL right now. The flat, strong shoot these cars this time he didn't mess. It's a power play goal. The Hawks around the barn to one Columbus with 9 13 left period, too. That's the Hawks 10th power play goal in.

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