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Rick being gone what are the better quarterback people one of the better quarterback developers at fact he was one of the year really um people who do about aaron rodgers ultimately of course wants to calvet requisite on that uh trying to get if you see la before most folks really the followed up with air now you you're right you're you're absolutely right cleanest great point i i athletic directors' gist who usually not every time they usually look in a very narrow box well i'm glad you're still doing oil spill grabbed off the two thousand seventeen you'll be a great years at father qualify pop shell tankers that means a great deal coin thanks cleveland in cleveland ohio finding the show it just proves it you're never the it's never too late to to find what we do thank you let's continue billy joe is up next hello billy jail well i at a dumb drake i want to light in the mood i was built talked football but i'm just no light in the mood if you low a little madeline all right already figured monday but a regular only bear burnt story recently averted christmas priority from the former player and then i'll go into uh they don't wanna give some people some advice whose thank you lombarno pompton licht question you know getting married for uh for christmas on days i just got to share this so persevered front com bill sometime minute there was a play from the 70s um they will play and i don't remember that the game but they will play in and get them kind of slant and that he was the center outfits sooner and there are blatant plant and they came in at halftime in the bear bryant was little by little bit lighter than normal will come into the locker room and loan anyway when he came in the.

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