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So what what's happened on the wrestling landscape bird film in talk to me, it was what's happening. What's going on, you're shaking. I know you're up there in Toronto. You got. Not understand. Don't realize what happened here right now. I was deflecting with all these other stories have no clue what's going on. There we go. Well, it's a good thing. We have a podcast based on wrestling, and yeah, I'm kidding obviously, but I did not see any the show yesterday was at one I haven't been Toronto year. Can you believe it really just realize it? When I come up here I've been here in a year, so I spent the entire day yesterday with my family hanging. Should you should? Yeah. So. Who did that. And yeah, I'll let you know I'll check back in after because they'll be over at smackdown today. I probably have a lot on that. There you go and done this tomorrow? Probably, except I'm going to be very, very, very busy. Yeah, yeah. One thing I will. I will point out though. I think we touched on it before. How Jackson Ambrose right now. He, here's the thing though. I mean he, he's always been in shape just now he he, it looks like maybe he added about ten pounds of the one. You want to know my because I saw what slam. What is that when an I have a pretty good little report with the embryos could do. Yeah. Like he's interesting cat for sure. He's, he's actually really funny if I know is I get along with them to don't sit there and so I get it. So we shooting the ship at summer slam, and I didn't ask them specifically, but I was noticing before I know he's big into mountain biking and stuff like that. Yeah, I think now maybe he's hitting the wait. I'm not saying he wasn't hitting wait before, but I think he was more and because of his injuries that I'm not sure he could mountain bike and do the things that he was doing before more cardio base stuff. Some thinking now maybe just maybe cut that stuff out and you know. 'cause sometimes when you do the cardio thing that tends to like really lead you out. True. Yeah. Right now I'm doing a lot of running and I've dropped twenty five pounds. Just, you know. What? What are you going to say? What I'm saying? Weird way to like the haircut it might sound stupid, but the haircut makes them bigger too. Yep. Yep. And the sound stupid too, but the kind of the tank top that all that stuff, I haven't seen him for a while and that is the perfect time when you're coming back from something like that. That is the perfect time to just kind of reenergize yourself the audience, the company's viewpoint, all of those things. And you know, honestly, you can always tell when someone's just tired and sore from watching the product like, oh, man, some somethings lingering, something's nagging, you hurt. There's different being hurt and being injured and wrestlers are always. There's always something wrong here was working around something, especially when you're on the road in that I'm remember having so many things and you're like, okay, my shoulder soared to their my elbow store. So you're trying to work around that, right? That's never gonna. You know, that stuff. Never. Anyway, that's just the nature of the beast. So to speak. Yep. Yeah. There's my dish into that. Yep. It's something else that, oh, I was gonna say this speaking of that I was. I was just wanted to temper expectations. Right? Keeping low at all times to become back. Super, Jack than you gotta stay that way. Right? So gotta maintain is you gotta maintain it? Keep expectations low. That was my philosophy is what I would do is come back just drop a t shirt size and you look bigger. Like on this guy's big. No, I'm wearing a small t. shirt rock. The schmead him. Yeah, man. Yeah, the large, yeah. There you go. Yeah, yep. There you have it there you have it. So bird. What do you think? Should we give Drake's Kia call Ola ski, old advocate, one brother. There you go. There you go the maverick one ball by the way really quickly. I got a tweet with us as the golden girls. That was pretty fun. That was pretty funny with Betty as Betty Phoenix or Betty Phoenix as Betty white and Dorothy, and you is, I think you were blanche and the topping. Tommy was. Toby was Gloria..

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