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Think he was marines I, think he was. Intelligence, he actually was army intelligence and. He was he was brought into the mats in part of his job wise to I think as a as a go-between with military and things like that and then he made it very very clear. I think it was on Twitter that he was not happy how major league baseball was using the military to. To prop themselves up right I'm I'm paraphrasing but, something along those lines. Nick Francona son of Tito Francona is fired and. He's been lately last couple. Of days. He's. Been on fire on Twitter going. After, MLB. Going. After the Mets and good for? Him good for him he feels strongly Me about, it to get off Twitter, at the, all star game they have this, nice it was a heartwarming ceremony before the. Game with the medal of honor recipients right there thirty medal of honor recipients on the field. The players all. Shook their hands It would have been more impactful I. Think rob if, we didn't have so much of it at every single game. It didn't feel new to me you know what. I mean did you have any sense what were you watch you re paying attention was on the airplane you already gone, by but this happens this is debate. That we have even the Red Sox. Games, you honor veterans and everybody stands up? A plot I liked that I liked this comes back to the national anthem conversation. That's been going on all week. About the NFL the players and Trump and everything else and I brought this up on Friday. Well why don't. You see. This, in baseball why don't you see this baseball in baseball used to be the sport is leading you would agree that baseball players the baseball community is a much more conservative, leaning group than probably. Any of the other sports sure you've got you've got well I don't know if you've. Larger concentrations of players from the south and, you wouldn't football if, certainly white Ter- it certainly a wider group than Football bask and so when we talk about the national and something that the only thing we have, Bruce Maxwell of the as he, did he, did something it came, in it went I know that Alex Alex Cora, was asked about it earlier this. Year maybe, a couple of different times so listen we're just gonna tell the players to go up and and stand for..

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