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Not a bad year for newman at all i'd say no n as we've said multiple times here not a bad year for movies there are of course some honorable mentions you probably want to mention absolutely belle de jour as you said i was able to catch up with it despite do we know loose spoon well marathon i had never seen the movie and really did enjoyed i think i found it to be maybe one of his more tragic explorations of human sexuality than some of the others that we watch they'll they're certainly lotta slice satire going on there as well and new is wonderful bonnie and clyde yes a seminal exercise in movie violence not only depicting it but making an audience think about it so certainly would be in my top ten along with young girls of roche four which i mentioned musha part of another film spotty marathon that we did robeiro brisson there and then mel brooks the producers came out in sixty seven that might very well round out my top10 i'm analyst by regrets to in an confess a few things okay uh so don't look back as i mentioned wait until dark the audrey how did movie thriller that i believe the next pictures show did an episode on meet me maybe last year or so discussed here is an after hours episode many years ago okay that was actually the one i had the dvd at home just ran out of time score says he made his debut i still have not seen who's that knocking at my door and then had seen in the heat of the night yet when talking about that last time after the show how it's one of those i know i need to see it's just hard it's hard for me to imagine being surprised by it right so which means at this point when i sit on watch i will be surprised yes i hope you gotta get there i was surprised by it it's a movie i have come to really a door the other titles for me that we kinda round out my top ten the dirty dozen build is your as you said weekend from good dr playtime from your list josh and in the jungle book navy still my favorite animated film.

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