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To our kids in our schools, especially the schools that we pay for the schools were supposed to be doing what we want them to do with regard to raising our children. That's why we have a school board. Members of the school board. We elect they represent us, and they are supposed to carry out our wishes, and too many times certainly in this area. I hear from parents I hear from taxpayers that they are dissatisfied with how their schools are run. How the school districts are run, and they're dissatisfied by that representation. Well, that only changes when you change the representation, so let's focus on Fairfax county right now as we have Laura Ramirez, drain. She is now a candidate for the Fairfax county school boards, specifically the hunter mil district. Thank you for joining us, Mr. rain. Thank you. Well, listen, I expected speak often with you between now and election day. So let's start with a little bit of a biography. What what brought you to this place today where you're not running for this this office. So I have to do all my children when the school for Foxconn schools. I think they think tank for my first one, but the second one has been dawn, I feel that this cool bore have never listened to the parents. And I decided that I want to do the voice over finds community and the Cold War on Indies area. Doesn't want to listen to people that we want to make change. I know you went to the last meeting of the school board, and you were very passionate at the microphone, but you spoke entirely in Spanish, so I I don't know what you were so passionate about could you tell us. What is it? That's happening right now in your schools that are that's that's got you. So animated and motivated. This is Cold War. Have never listened for undecided to say, I was thinking my if between spun is because finally you never you're never like you say like. Speaking. But I talk about how that knowledge that they put in too much money. You have children they Iran it not benefit for that. And how is it affecting your children right now in the school? But how do you do you feel like your kids are not getting the education that you're paying for that you wish from from your school district that through like my first phone has not is not working? He is h is all my youngest my son does finish high school. When I went to school. We have access to. We have books that we can go back to the books base by base held by sun basis. They just lead her that everything is ten that number will sexual affable to this defines the Hyde and everything is online, and we have access I wondering we haven't even decided that expensive with bay it back through the deduction money goes to the school board underscore for. I I still don't understand why they bring with them the -nology annoying the basics. That when they come out of high school, they need to read write and my greatly. And they coming out with another basing on it. Laura ramirez. Drain is our guest. He's running for the Fairfax county school board. She is a naturalized citizen from Mexico, and by the way. You know, a little bit about education because you've got a pretty good one. You're an engineer you work for Hewlett Packard. You have a master's degree in telecommunications. And marketing when you when you considering the education that you went through, and what you had to do to reach that level of education. I it's got to be very frustrating. When you see the school board, in my opinion, the Fairfax county school board focusing on so many things that have nothing to do with your kids education has to do with all these social issues that they want to push on the schools. If they spend money and tendon them for the schools, they spend money, and and seeing that doesn't make up two cents know like why will spend so much money in that way. Have they say we should hope of more invested in better. That helping into students and by the something. Yeah. Recently, I might have seen to be Syrian restaurant an article same that I was selected to run for scoreboard because because they have we met and they win the democrat party. What's indoors for that? I was out or the running. This is the kind of things happening company hunter, I'm had been endorsed by the Republican party. But they consider me. They know what I mean that you know, because I'm not immigrant. I'm no fighting listen teams. Now, they said, I'm not I will not be in the ballot in November. Then you really that way. Who said this because you're endorsed by the Republican party that you shouldn't be on the ballot. No what I'm saying. Is that I might have seen go for now arrested now. Yeah. That my opponent. Melanie, wasn't dot for the democrat party on any other country running for hunter meal. Oh, I see. So so arrested the rest, and now has published that because you're a opponent was endorsed by the Democrats that she's the only one who's going to win. No one else is going to going to have a chance happening. I know that and so many of the people who live in Fairfax county feel the same way that they're ignored because they're dismissed because they don't identify with the appropriate political party will Laura Ramirez, drain, and we don't think that way, and we're going to try to change that thought process rule show rest in now, we'll show them your endorsed by the Republicans. And as far as I'm concerned, you have just as good at chances winning as anyone else. I expect a heavy here. Many times we tween now and election day. Thank you so much for running. Thank you have a wonderful day you too Laura Ramirez, drain. She knows a little thing about this. And we're going to be having her quite often. We didn't even get to talk about her Dacian that she started to help let Tinos in this area, get their education. She's actually doing it right now. And we need that kind of. New thinking on the Fairfax county school board come on. Fairfax county you happy with your leadership right now. Of course, you're not four fifty five wwl, traffic.

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