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Business you know you you you name it dangle out there whether you're a superstar player at the bottom of the barrel everybody's tradable even with the fifteen percent calls guys getting traded i assume it's you know it's just part of the business and i think god's expected and they have to accept it but you have to be willing to go back to work if they don't trade you all always so you know you have to be loyal to you teammates and you know that the organization to whatever they have to do this cutting it could be made quickly in india going to geyser just at non speaking terms whether it was on court was off court how quickly is that just blood in the water and that's that's just a done deal look at how quickly connector i think it could turn quickly always used a story that you know in back in days in the early nineties late eighties rebelled against the pistons night in night out it was all all out battle no law against the pistons dennis rodman join us in there was still a little bit of animosity there but we learned to work together on the basketball court in today that friendship grew from just winning so i i think moments can be hill a winning feels a lot of things in i think just guys spending time together bonding going road trips things of that nature they will forget about things that happened in the past is fans do it do it skips movable man i mean that that's a great story i this is such a fun team right the rockets are so fun to watch one is working that it's good fun ambi when they're clicking i hope they haven't read some self up here thank you for joining us we'll continue to see you and are circus and merry go round you guys stay with us though because kevin durant's i don't know if you heard what he had in brooklyn we'll find out what this means for his legacy next on the jump this week is mobile ever seen about these is deep sports story we believe in this world either you know you're you're back too bad that made me kevin durant's governor ramp that place where they all time great rose visible in mississippi already down only gonna play right away you he's a good dude you may not fair how devastating is this injury to durant's career low income like a lifetime in a two minute clip it's amazing welcoming me now has into the dead popular.

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