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Laura Hockey basketball that's going to be the way that it goes As football season really winds down here as we flip the calendar from two separate separate January and I gotTa tell you Mary that college comfortable ruined itself with the with these bowl games. And you know we're we're not quite done. Mm just yeah. We've got four games including the Idaho Potato Bowl on Friday between Ohio and was Nevada. Nevada Reno Ohio heavily favored in that one as a matter of fact. But is it really a reward for the kids to go to Boise Idaho on January third. I didn't even look to see if there was any other college football going on because I just kind of assumed. It was all done Championship game but it's but yeah we still. I'll have that but in terms of other guests meaningless bowl games that are just kind of hanging out there casual fans out there. That said that Watch College College Football Watch clemson play. That sounds like a fun game next Monday under. Wait a minute I it's January thirteenth. It's always weeks away. Shut the fraud Dr weeks weeks weeks and then what do we have. We have more. Well we have a game on Saturday we have forcible the air our forces ball between southern miss and too late and I will give you every every dollar. I've got my pocket right now. I don't know how many it is it's non mascot for either Saturdays or too late. It's funny because I'm looking at like a little snippet snippet of them. It looks like some kind of Weird Golden Hawk and Eagle or maybe Falcon. Maybe it's a mythical creature it could be a griffin against US southern Miss Griffin. I have no idea what this two lane thing is though it is just like a green big green. What is that and what is too late? This is terrible. It looks like Murph. That's green that's holding up. What are those riptide? The PELICANS that is not a Pelican they're called the green wave though so they are kind of green bought. So that's your I mean. They can't be greedy. I guess they can't all be grace duckie's or or or he's Hercules. Not a big fan of the Iowa now. So I ain't ninety event you will have to lay plagued southern Mississippi. US Sandwiches brushfires Alma Mater. It's Hanford Dixon. But nobody's ever heard of prediction. Nobody apparently is ever heard of any of the browns from the eighties or nineties because they get left off the hall of fame ballot. Forget the hall of fame. Ballot comes back and we got guys. Like Samuel Samuels was big to New Orleans. There's there's players like this everywhere like Charleston Charleston peanut not hall of fame huge in the world of Chicago Sports. It's like it's like you had a friend asked me to lago because it's been since it comes on the world series. If I thought the David Ross was going to the hall of fame and it was just so taken back by the class. Jim said new new to new to being a fan of the Chicago cubs are you and I don't even want to know who asked you that. I'll tell you off the air. I don't WanNa Know David Rise David Rawson Hall favor. That's kind of how I feel. I see some of these Babes. It's just like you're you played on teams. So you're like Bryan. Young played for the San Francisco. Forty niners just just as Steve Young wrapping up and he'll use a decent player. Put just not one of those now one of those guys who the story of the NFL can't be told without. And I think that that's true. For Zach Thomas. No matter how big of a Miami Dolphin Fan you may be Zach. Thomas is not the benchmark Mark for Football Greatness Leroy Butler invented the Lambeau leap. It's part of NFL Lor. But I don't know that the play that is playing career amounts to that much and then offensive lineman. I think that we just tend to throw them in there from from time to time. But Steve Hart should say it. A big part of the vikings big part of the seahawks probably the the best Tackle of all time and I. I don't see that lately because he played football up north in an arbor college days. So I don't I don't know if you care that much about the hall of fame but I don't care that much about regular season football let alone guys played thirty forty years ago before I was alive when this isn't the this is ten fifteen years ago. John Lynch thirty forty years. John has made a name for himself because he's the current. GM of the forty niners but no he played on he he played on the Super Bowl teams with hey you played with Denver when they were winning and when they want to super bowl definitely played Tampa Bay that they wanNA get some Tampa. Ebbe is on there because it's such a new team to continue to draw interest to the sport. There's a lot of these guys and I know that it's going to affect you all that much. But they're sort of these guys. I think that definitely log on the list long before some of these finalists again. The Finals Leroy Right baller Reggie Wayne. Torry Holt Sam Mills Zach Thomas Bryant Young Steve atwater Sally Isaac Bruce Allin Fanta Elephantine. I came and played the tail end of his career with the Arizona cardinals and the figures that he got him on. This list is the fact that he played some of this group. The Pittsburgh steelers and it's just like every Pittsburgh steelers offense alignment has to make it. Ed Steve Hutchinson Adrian Jacobs you played his best days with the idiot. Apples Kolkata built a winning culture before the cardinals went to the Super Bowl Just like a game jared and I were at the fiesta. Kinda just laughing at the cardinal's ring of honor because we're like they put Carson Palmer. The they might as well put Emmett Smith in there. Because all these these guys you figure they're going to have a Europe playing golf while showing up with the team disability a couple times a week and the early retirement to complete for the cardinals. It's not like that anymore. But it was like like that for a long time with nobody cared. What the fate of the Arizona cardinals was but some semi finalists? Didn't make the cut. Carl Banks Rondi Barber Clay Matthews Simeon Rice Sabina rice former cardinal former Tampa Bay block if you WANNA get Tampa Bay blocking their John Lynch there. He's a consideration. Steve Tasker was a special team specialist for the Oilers oilers and the buffalo bills played up until nine hundred ninety seven. Fred Taylor I think is the face of the Jacksonville. Jaguars Franchise Hines Ward. The other guy I probably on the list. Because he was a Pittsburgh steeler to begin with And then Ricky watters and Darren Woodson in the more recent Patrick Willis our of remember going to forty niners gave about Air Years ago where this lady just kept screaming. What you talking about? That's the only thing I remember about that game so well you know about Patrick will. The only thing I knew about any of the forty niners I learned that day from that woman screaming in the stands to every player on the field. What did they? Let's say candlestick was an experience. What it was a little more sterile? What I went back up there in Two Thousand Nineteen for the Browns niners Monday night football game last year. You know it's it's definitely a cleaner environment. People are still streaming. I'm sure it's just it. It was it was a different experience on the dreary cold candlestick Nick Park on the South End to San Francisco there. It was quite the trip. All the trips are quite the two. There's always a little bit of something. I can wreck your ever back to go. Go to the Alamo Bowl. This is kind of the cool thing about Quality College football team. Especially if they're not at the top is that you get to go to these weird. See if you follow your team you get to go to these weird weird cities and we didn't make it. Tell Hassel this year but I did get to experience a little bit of it. But it's my hometown. So it's not like I'm experiencing anything new city so it takes a little bit of the lost off of it but there's a big game right down the street idea. I never had that includes right down the street and volts our actions cheese at bowl and the fiesta bowl unusable. was this Guy Chase or whatever. We're calling that stadium now and if yes bowl out at whatever. We're.

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