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World because if all goes well tomorrow in Florida there will be two astronauts that'll be able to see all of us the entire world from their vantage point they're gonna try to launch the demo to inline musk's space X. rocket got scrubbed because of weather but now they're going to give it a go again and we're going to give it a go here with our space expert we've had on the show before he's an author of many books in fact I think he wrote five books in in one year just this past year on what's happening in the outer realms rod pile is with us ride welcome back thanks for having me yeah last year was kind of a kind of a white out schedule wise that is really satisfying they should probably have one of those books space two point oh which is about the new space age actually took five years to write so I didn't do a mall in one year but they all came out one year and that was that was enough well it's been quite a week now I was talking to a few days ago I I I actually was was surprised by the amount of attention that this attempted launch got on Wednesday afternoon I'm not because the space program isn't interesting but the space program at least when I came up I I'm from the generation where every time the the space shuttle launched in the eighties they will the TV into the classroom and I remember in grade school watch it every one of those and of course was was was emotionally scarred as so many people were by what happened with the challenger in nineteen eighty six I'll never forget that I mean that was a moment for me as a as a kid growing up and and the space shuttle was always a huge deal and the space shuttle program shuttered back in twenty eleven and I think the last decade or so for the U. S. space program has been a bit of a gray area and and this this reignited interest in what was supposed to happen a few days ago and now will happen tomorrow I I think may be the product of a country that is looking for a diversion right now and it's been depressing for a couple of months and this is really exciting and you think about the possibilities here ride yeah it is and there's so much more under the hood that is immediately apparent so as you mentioned we stop the space shuttle program two thousand eleven at the same time we started kind of a new deal between NASA and private industry so in the past when NASA wanted the space craft they co designed it with an aerospace contractor like north American aviation Boeing you name it and band that was built under their supervision on what's called a cost plus basis so whatever it costs these did they do you know the airspace company a better price they start building up O. G. A. got more expensive you got a pass for that too so things could routinely go over price by a factor of two three four five you get very expensive we told you that certain areas of our state like the six point system with points the new agreement they have with SpaceX the on musk's company and blue origin Jeff Basil's company and the traditional aerospace contractors is working here to fix the you've got to get these marks you build it you own it you just provide services to NASA and let us do what we do best which is looking to the future so that something very new and from NASA's own internal studies they're saving between half and ninety percent by doing it this way and that's already been grouped up by SpaceX just an example the entire program from the first ball turned to whatever that watches hopefully Saturday for demo to to build that new space capsule with SpaceX has cost the equivalent of two shuttle flights for about three billion dollars so when you look at that in terms of bargain hunting that's really good the American taxpayer in two thousand eleven and now we've been buying right the Russians to a space station that we paid the bulk of the cost for and that started out at about thirty two million dollars a seat which was actually cheaper than the shuttle's appoints the Russians for that but we've been now paying up to eighty five million dollars a seat so we are the kind of help us over a barrel and it's time to get back an American spacecraft so that's what we're doing on on Saturday well it's interesting you use that word bargain if you were to ask me or really any of us who grew up during the eighties and nineties the heyday of the space shuttle NASA everything was bigger than life I don't think bargain would be a word we would have predicted would be in the same sentence as space travel in twenty twenty but here we are Ilan mosque and things are scaled down as you say if I am an astronaut and I'm blasting off into space tomorrow afternoon I'm one of these two guys I don't know that that doing it on the cheap is necessarily the the the scenario or the philosophy that I would necessarily want it's a real delicate balance but it's important to remember that during the Apollo years ahead of that program that program to to get humans on the moon in nineteen sixty nine was just under five percent of the federal budget and they were just flying Apollo did you mention that to Mars and Venus with robots that this is Matt but now NASA has a budget one tenth of that over half of one percent and they're flying satellites around the earth the measure climate they're flying to Mars apply to Jupiter and they're still managing to maintain the space station and hire these companies building rockets and trying to send humans back to the moon again so they're doing much more work for attempt the budget so something had to give but I think this was the but they were the right decision to start work in private industry down the SpaceX side yes we have very high expectations for them your lan has had some high profile failures a couple those rockets blew up when the spacecraft itself blew up once they're casting but he's very aggressive parts of the company are working double and triple shifts this is the guy I'm not even entirely sure that he's up this if he's brilliant brilliant guy who's put his entire fortune between this and test his entire fortune at stake and he's he's his philosophy is fail fast fail often get it fixed and move on so he's not striving for absolute top safety in the testing but when it comes to flight you know the falcon nine has flown a hundred times now when John Glenn flew on the atlas rocket back in the early nineteen sixties it had a failure rate of about fifty percent the the falcon nine which is what these two guys are gonna be flying on on Saturday or Sunday is very robust and it had only two failures out of a hundred so we see that there really is a lot of effort put in to make it as safe as possible I will add the bid on the SpaceX quite a number of times when you go to a dance assembly facility there's one gleaming white holy relic in there with a small water to people in bunny suits and an anti contamination stuff everywhere get it perfect explicitly legacy of the the German rocket engineers will work to that the top your call program you go to SpaceX it's like the GM of rockets their second state is off to the left as far as the eye could see there's two dozen rocket engines off the right there's a clean room where they only sell the stuff that has to be absolutely clean but it's just enough to get the job done right if you scaled this in my clean and perfectly we'll continue with space expert rod pile coming up in just a few minutes including what exactly has to go right for this to launch tomorrow it's not just the weather it's a lot of other things as well back to the new center right now in here Steve counts changes to mail in absentee ballot rules in North Carolina and funds to improve safety at in person voting sites during the pandemic have been approved overwhelmingly in the state house the bipartisan measures aimed at helping those at higher risk for developing complications from the new corona virus to still be able to vote it down heads to the state Senate meanwhile governor Roy Cooper was asked during his corona virus to F. force update yesterday about whether he can answer president trump's demand for an answer one way or another about whether the Republican National Convention will be allowed to be held in Charlotte in August as originally planned we've asked the RNC to submit plans for us to us we have yet receive in any kinds of any plans we're we're not on any time line here we want to work with them and look forward to them submitting plans to us we've we've yet to see them the president has said he'll change venues to another state if he doesn't get a definitive answer one way or another by the middle of next week a bill to allow North Carolina restaurants and bars to have extended outdoor seating an outdoor alcohol consumption is awaiting action from the governor after clearing both the state Senate and house this week governor Cooper indicated yesterday that he does not support the measure and now separately he's facing a lawsuit about the issue a group of bar owners plans to sue Cooper for excluding bars from face to re openings the newly formed North Carolina bar and tavern association says it's expected legal action will claim it's unfair to close bars and clubs while allowing restaurants and breweries to operate at fifty percent capacity Mike Doyle W. between is not allowed in ten ninety nine three W. B. T. with traffic from the W. B. T. traffic center here's order how we are dealing with a hit and run wreck with some property damage and debris on the roadway Harris Boulevard and old Statesville road also an accident with some property damage on here is full of art and career road that one hopefully getting cleared out of the way shortly and the disabled vehicle partially blocking a lane Albemarle road and rocky river church road and let's not forget that they did mention all morning long we do have lights out in several different areas just make sure you're treating them as four way stops and in the areas where UC officials there make sure that you are responding to their direction Pam Warner type of WPT traffic WBTV Stein seven thirty here sports with James o'keefe after four races in what turned out to be five nights at Charlotte motor speedway the racing wrapped up here as the drivers get.

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