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Meanwhile mary jane is posing in maternity clothing for fashion shoot. Is doing such a jaw on. She's doing such a good job. The clothing company begins considering hiring her on a permanent basis much to her delight elsewhere spiderman swinging home. When suddenly he is stricken with a powerful headache he wonders what is happening to him. That's when a vision of the jacko appears in his mind the villain explained that he implanted this message in his mind as a final revenge. She programmed in the peter's mind he opted to he opted to compel peter murderers wife instead of dry over driving him insane and as they explain nido at the maximum jesse's falling off that roof. Mohmand gruber style when the dream and the nightmare begins and that's what triggered this murderous rage. That's pretty clever. I just wanted to did not for purposes of the storytelling. We're getting this kind of explanation from the jackal. Bat as a as i Diabolical villain. Would you really bother to try and explain it with a a prerecorded message after the To your enemy glowed plan. I don't so he yells it as he's falling off this skyscraper. Can you imagine if he would have been screaming. Been like why can't hear exactly what if you didn't hear him and then he's like let's say it's like yeah. I programmed you. It'd be driven the murder. The person you love the most either that or pork like a dog whenever you heard the name. Alice back should should've gone to the ladder life every time we heard alex. Trebek's that jackal trying to be funny. Let's get the priebus. There is trying to be later. is a jackal nuttal laughing. Iena along say man who wanted to make him the joker so bad and i don't think he had the the jokes to do it. Jetta who does he does each grand a lot. The judge i mean you know it's a lot of times it's like you know you're gonna put us exploding cigar. Somebody's mouth three now. He is one of the squirting flowers sometimes. But it's acid august lor setups punch. Lines for the joker. Oh media macarena criticized. That's what came was bombing at that open mic thorough. And you don't shoot the guy who if you wanna talk so you don't shoot the guy right counter. Yeah that's true. Although i've had some critics depends if you're on talk show you're on. Oh that's fine but lately chose yeah. There's so many noti- i now Later mary jane returns home. How her life is turning around on top of having a baby on the way she is also happy that her modeling career is making a comeback code a home. Peter is waiting for her in the dark hook now. I have a headache seeing that his wife is back. Peter warns mary jane that the jackal tampered with his mind and tells her to run for it. He then begins with a lamp. No hesitation by the way. Treat me like how jordan as she flees peter to call the fantastic four the instead mary jane decides to try and get a hold of ben reilly she's just had to kinda look semi bond with him so why she thinks because at this point nobody in the vendors are fantastic four knows who's the who he has like. Oh mike my call them. They might kill him. You know he's ov kill in. Those was kind of like you know if you ask your wife to get you something at the grocery store. And she gets you the generic version instead of the brain This is just what right. What is this. it's not vegemite. It's just vegetables tube. substance used for cooking really like this way. That would be a rough deal. What Okay really delays from the alex trebek's. Okay yes ray wanted me to ask you a question are kangaroos jerks. No no not really now. Okay we were talking about eating kangaroo. He was like she's like. Oh ask ray they're jerks. Just ask ray like you get anger route jerky but it's not Yes i'm am protein low in fat very good fli foam. I must be a ruse out of the pouch is lillard is lola thinking of kangaroo. I don't think we were talking about you. Know you eating. Different animals I don't think she's pulled the trigger. On that gator yet in florida. She still betting tastes like chicken. But i don't think she's pulled the trigger on that i obey cater forties you. One of the only places that it's readily available. I've been to florida. Seemed many places. That sell gator nuggets. Things like that. Where's the joker nuggets gatorade in an ice you know. Meanwhile racing where their gators. Yeah i think. I don't know of crocodile has this. Can you get crock. Meet with comparable. I'm a vegetarian so i just wonder these things. I don't think i've had crocodile. Remember remem- on. Chad said i guess gator burgers on a sliding scale of chad as is hazrat up bay with the dead judge for father's good. Yeah get him on the street. Skirl the power attach at I don't know. I don't know if we could get him on camera because he is a bonded employee i thought of. It k into the night would they got it exclusivity deal. Yeah that's why we don't get these jokes. see so mary. Jane tricycles ben rally but later at the headquarters of the new warriors. Their training session goes away when the ball was not the fire. Star who is walking by with plate's full of randomly walking by with plates of food. She just the bus server of the danger. Rumor without the danger room. But it's nine crash pad crush. Hey what did they expect what you call it. The crash pad perfect brief piercing their pratt holes conan. It's the ninety. So you know chris. Pratt balls aw. What did she expect carrying those dishes. Walking bison crash into me. He came back finger on that button. Bill coming just hover not chad. I'm a mercutio just moonlight as a ripper..

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