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Evan Roberts with you here on a Saturday until Yankee baseball talk a little hockey at noon with the NHL trade deadline soon upon us with EJ Radic right now. Matt is in White Plains. Hello, matt. Yes. White plains. I don't I'm getting used to this. This is like still different. I'm still every time. I say Matt why is this the Matt because you have now v to us, you know. Well, you know, bro. Ernie ask me and also I heard a that from Westchester. I'm CNBC show. Okay. I want to be confused for that guy. Okay. I'd like to get to a Bryce Harper point. If I may have my biggest beef with the media. Okay. Besides besides their obvious by sees the word it how they sensationalize. Okay. I don't think it's fair to the public. I don't think it's fair to the people or person who's involved with a story. I don't like it. Plus insults. My intelligence with that said, I love, you know, I do Brockhall. How do you know that these women at this specific spa, and I'm going to quote you were held against their own. Well, I don't know. Nobody Matt that's see. That's my overall point that this is one of those stories where we still don't know the facts, I know everybody wants to comment on it. But we still don't know. We don't know anything. We don't know if they were how old they were all these details, and I agree with the first thing, you said I and I mentioned this the other day it's being sensationalized because there's a name. We're familiar with it shouldn't matter if it's Bob Kraft, the nature of the story is what's going on. And we're gonna find out at these parlors not just a guy or the guys that are going there. But it's getting attention because well, he's the owner of the New England Patriots. So he's a big name. Well, maybe I misunderstood the point is I listen to this stuff all the time. Work outside got the earpiece. And did that phrase held against their own whale is being attached to this story. Listen, I got you by a year. I've been around the block once or twice I'm still single. The guy went to a rub and talking got in trouble. He got busted. But wait a second. Wait a second. We you also can assume that that wasn't the case that we don't know the story about how these women got their if these are women who are saying, hey, this is what I wanna do. It's a lot different than women coming over from China. And basically, yes, like, you said being held against their will that may be the case we have to find out, and that's being attached to this story as of right now so much like you can't just throw it away and say how come on this is normal. This happens. You can't do that with the other extreme. So we have to wait for these facts to come out. And that's why this is such a difficult story for all of us to have opinions about we don't know yet. We should know better than we should have learned what's been going on that. Sometimes we have to have patience and let the facts come out. John is in Hopewell. What's up, John? Hey, what's up? How you doing? Like you in a big Brooklyn. Nets fan. Bountiful beautiful big big. Yeah. I just like you. I go back to Darryl Dawkins. Mike Jovanovski Robert just back back to those days, Otis birdsong. Anyway, Mike, my point is this is my problem with the match I met fan for forty years. I'm tired of the lies. That's the problem. That bothers me is lie. I would take the Yankee organization in a blink of an eye care. If you're twelve years old ninety years old if you can pray you getting a lineup up. You know, if you remember. Why why Rosen? Dhanjal really answer for giving the answer to why. In september. Do you? Remember what what did they tell us? I don't I don't remember, honestly. Okay. Exactly. Defense wasn't good enough. He needed a lot of work. And we're not bringing them up because of his defense. The reason was because they wanted. I didn't want to start the clock on this guy. They wanted to wait another year. Just pose that you want to wait another John John, you know, the Yankees if I'm not mistaken did the same thing with gleyber Torres last year. He didn't make the team right out of spring training. And they took advantage of a service time issue. He wasn't called up to late April. I. Exactly for him. But this was a September. Call exactly post defense is not good enough. Now. Later now. He's got a shot to win. He's gonna be out. I. John John John Janis fairness in fairness to what happened last September. There was a different administration seeing the older Senate was the or actually sandy was not the general manager at that time. But they had the Omar Mnaya trifecta at that time. Rhody van wagon in as the new general manager. He's changed a lot of this front office. So to compare the decision in August and September which I disagreed with at the time. I forgot that is what they said. It's a good memory his defense. Is it ready? That's why Peter Alonzo wasn't coming up. And I think I do remember is I think this must have been in June or so you notice Jeff McNeil's tearing it up at AA, and I think at triple I think it was that AAA for a little bit and questions started to be asked about Jeff mcdill. And Mickey Callaway wasn't really familiar with the versatility of McNeil and said, well, we don't need a second basement. Meanwhile, McNeil could play other positions. I do remember that excuse, but this is a different administration right now. So it's tough to start saying, hey, why did you say this September and now here in February you're saying something else? Well, there's a different boss now Dan's up in Albany. Hi, dan. Hey, good morning. Sarah being a Mets fan. I wanna talk about that for a minute. But I just wanted to ask you something if you can yesterday was the thirty ninth year since the gold medal game when the Americans beat the rush. Yes. That s today and George Washington's birthday what a combination tomorrow be the eleven o'clock game, I snuck into that game. Oh, yeah. A you could go they were steps. And there was ticket takers on left or right. I use my ticket from Friday walk right in between. Everybody went upstairs and saw the game. It was just a remarkable thing for what was happening in the world. I've tried to these kids winning in four years ago. I went to the reunion like flashes and got everybody is a sign of beautiful photo that I did. And it was great. But with the match. Are going to be very competitive ship. But I think what's the play Ryan to a specific problem. I think lack of team speed also a little bit on the defensive side of the who placed third base and who play first base and with the outfield. So I think I just hope that the Mets don't give away a out or two in a game where they score whether the other team scored some runs gives them a based upon defense. And then as far as offense on the on the understand their speed side of things. Gotta steal some basis this year, they got aggressive on the basis, and I don't know if they have the quality of players based upon age that will will be able to do that. I don't I don't know how many to tears stolen base point. I'll start there. I don't know how many stolen bases they're going to get. Because like you said, I don't think they have a lot of guys Robinson Cano is not stealing twenty five bases. I think you've got guys who can sneaky steel base. I think Brandon Nimmo can sneaky Stella base. I think Todd Frazier actually can sometimes sticky sneaky steel a base what's going to be important. And I know the Mets have said this is something they're working on is not only the situational hitting which is music to my ears. I know chili Davis. I guess ramp. Rub. Some players the wrong way. Maybe in Chicago with that strategy and their offense fell off the rooftop. But I love the idea love the idea that the approach isn't going to be let me get the ball in the air and hit a ball over the fence. I love the idea that your approach in different situations will vary. I'm a fan of that. But. Mets have talked about being aggressive on the base paths. Like, the Red Sox and taking the extra base, and that is more important probably than just the raw stolen base you like a stolen base here. And there especially if you have guys capable of doing it. I think I'm Ed Rosario probably has the most potential of anybody on this roster to give you know, maybe twenty twenty five stolen bases. But I think that aggressiveness on the base paths will certainly be a positive. But they are an older team. We do know that Ralph. Boy, I feel bad. I feel. What's the matter? What happened? I feel like the last time we talked. I was very confident about your football team. And maybe two. Yes, I'm Italian. You put the Milwaukee on them. Thanks sorry about that. Sorry. All right. Let me get to before we get to the two Steeler guys US before. Why would you want to help you out the Indianapolis Colts? Will you know, why hasn't because I'm your boy, I'm your boy. And you know, why else known fact around the New York area that your wife and your sister, coal fans don't deny it. Well, first of all before I even addressed that lunacy. I did say I wouldn't help the cult. I said why would this be healers? Help the colts pathetically hypothetical question. Guys. I'm gonna I'm gonna let you get there. Just calm down. All right. Take a deep breath. Right. I'm fired up. I'm probably up. All right. I'm gonna give you a lot of time t y Hilton says I want out I'm going to be traded. Would you trade him to the Pittsburgh Steelers? Would you trade them inside the conference? No, no, no. What? But I know. Not a big TY. So I'll tell you why. I'll take him. But listen. Yes. Those two guys. Yes, Percival Chris Ballard. I know Chris Ballard wants choirboy. Someone ain't gonna happen. Number one. The running backs two hundred sixty pounds. So I don't know what he's doing in his life where he's going. He hasn't played a year. The other guys, you know, Diana's mustache yellow, and he's missed a big testing out of his mind. I don't want those two guys. I'm what I want to run this organization the way they're supposed to they also wished I was your brother in law. Other than that. Everything's gotten Ralph. Thank you very much for your phone. Call a couple of things the two hundred sixty pound thank. And I get to that lady on bells trainer has come out and said, that's ridiculous. Now, do I know the answer to it? Do you know the answer to the only people that know, the answer Latium bell and the scale he goes on. That's all we know. And as long as he's in the proper shape when training camp starts are really when the season starts all that stuff is overrated. Obviously if you're gonna sign leaving on bell. You're probably gonna want to meet with him. And maybe take a look at them and see how it looks Bolivia. Bills trainer has already come out and said come on. He's not two hundred sixty pounds during his holdout. That's number one number two. You may be right about the colts not having that much of an interest in both of those guys. Because both of those guys are really really good. But they come with baggage. The Levy on bell baggage is passed drug suspensions. He gets another one could wipe out a. Big chunk of time and Tonio Brown, just the way he's acting. I think would concern you and the other thing with bell going back to bell has nothing to do with him. It's the obvious. It's the position he plays..

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