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Wrestling, Sasha Banks, Daniel Bryan discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network


Person-years is the color made a good point. Let's say for example one of the most one of the most wrestlers of all time. Daniel bryan loves pro wrestling more than anything in his life. He guys are all missing. The point everybody there loves pro wrestling more than anything in their life. That's why they're they're doing pro wrestling. They make it disappointed about the way that they're being used in progressing bennell love it. They'll wanna be there. I mean there's very few of them that walk away very few of them. I mean this whole sasha banks thing sasha banks admitting admitting yes. I thought my wrestlemainia i hate away didn't wrestlemanias crying on the floor backstage wrestlemainia and she goes home in like how she's being used dude. She just resigned like this is not a surprise. What happened to her this kind of thing happening in deputy. That's what happens in w you got to no one except that if you don't don't go to me but my point is everybody knows what life is like in WWE and they they resign one person. After another they resigned they reside they reside because yeah sometimes aspects of the job suck but guess what they get to their forties a week and they get to do pro wrestling a lot more fun on the road than they do with television a lot of time but they get to go out there. They get to do their a pro wrestling matches. They get to travel siege city. They get to be stars. They make good money. They sign autographs. They love it. They don't love it all the time but but they don't hate it all the time either see people quitting left and right and they don't read it time.

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