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From the breakfast table sobbing leaving her grandparents perplexed. Jessica came to a room. A sullen look on her face. Karen felt horrible for her mother. If karen felt this bat and she tried to help that man the guilt must have been destroying. Jessica who ignored the warning. The sympathy for her mother dried up quickly though. See what you've done mom asked. Karen was more confused than ever. We can sometimes speak things into being. That's why it is of the utmost importance to keep our minds focused on god and positively like bishops sinclair says. I don't know what made you tell that story yesterday. But she trailed off perhaps realizing the insanity of her logic. If only four moment. I don't want you to blame yourself. It must have been darren's time. The lord works in mysterious ways. Got no better over the years as she and her mother grew further apart. The visions grew stronger. Clear as an adult. She had more control over her ability. Amir touch wouldn't trigger the visions not unless the premonition was so horrible learn. Defenses could not fend it off like now. She tried to call her mother. Got her voicemail. Today is the day that the lord is made. You have reached the voicemail of jessica manning. I'm unable to take your call right now. But if you karen clicked end resile the number and let it ring three times. Today is a day voicemail again. Damn it reggie hovered over her. She often found comfort in his presence. His bulky girth and fuzzy beard always reminded her of blue the bear from the jungle book. It was what she loved most about him but today there was no comfort to be found. He fumbled for words. Are you sure about what you saw. Her eyes narrowed and he dropped his gaze. They'd known each other long enough. Been through enough for him to know her visions were never wrong. She paced the length of the apartment unsure of what to do next. She'd learned long ago. The police weren't an option she'd be written off as a nut and if the shooting went down her advanced knowledge would propel her to the top of the suspect lists if she could just get a hold of her mother despite their differences. Jessica manning like reggie knew her daughters visions were always on point even if she hated admitting it mom would make sure bishops sinclair was out of harm's way she valued his life over her own. Probably even over mine. Karen thought bitterly. She shook it off and try. Mom's phone again. Today is no luck reggie do. You have a suit unfortunately. Why because if. I can't get my mom on the phone tonight. We have to figure out a way to save horsing clear. He nodded slowly. Okay again suit. Why you're going to be my date to the power and purpose conference. The next eighteen hours were a blur of brainstorming. Caffeine and anxiety. Karen kept touching the autograph bible unsure of what she hoped to see. There were no more visions freeing her of this burden as far as our extraordinary gifts were concerned. Poor sinclair would die before his congregation. If she did not act it was eight in the morning before she gave into the inevitable. Go home and change reggie by nine thirty. Reggie was wedged in the passenger seat of her toyota. Prius looking like a clown car passenger was the plan. I don't know exactly talked security. Try to use mom's name for leverage. Sounds like a long shot. Maybe not she turned onto northwest boulevard. It would bring them up on the tail end of the new heavenly duty building. It's early conference doesn't start until eleven. Maybe we can make them listen if they're not too concerned with the crowd yet. Maybe as the blocks in the building sailed past them. karen couldn't help but notice. How dead portside was this early. On a sunday all was still the only movement was the wind through the branches of trees planted in the sidewalk in a way. It was ominous as if she was already too late. And instead of having the death of horror sinclair on her conscience it was the demise of the world that she'd failed to thwart karen. You will get this right. you're here. There's no crowd you'll get to a garden. Everything will be alright as they crested. The last block of squat buildings the gray shell and regal blue dome of the heavenly duty worship center floated into view. It was modern architecture at. Its finest a ball giant among square trolls. The air conditioning units alone were the size of karen's apartment. This is going to work. She whispered then. They pass the heavenly duty worship center and got a look at the front plaza. Holy shit reggie twisted in his seat and karen filter heart sink as she eased her car. To a halt there were hundreds possibly thousands of worshippers crowding the plaza. Bustling and conversing raising their arms in praise of the lord. They were joyful and emotion. Karen could not share these people. This crowd would slow her down possibly prevent her from doing her job and somewhere among them was a killer who would not be deterred. Find a place to park she said. I'm going to wade through this. See if i can track down someone. Insecurity reggie glance toward the throngs of people. Are you sure about this. She tried to look sure. I'll be fine. He was wedged behind the wheel of the tiny car looking even more awkward than he did in the passenger seat. How will i find you. Karen hilda pursell. You've got the number. She rounded the car and sank into the growing crowd of parishioners who looked like modern day royalty in the morning light karen blended well her enthusiasm for dress. Up was only slightly better than reggie's but attendance here required a little more than casual attire. She donned her tan linen. Pantsuit with a white blouse beneath one of the outfits. She kept on reserve for special occasions. Preventing homicide wasn't on her list of possible affairs when she purchased it but good fashion was prepared for anything. Her outfit looks in general war on her mind because it was on the mind of people men. She passed to find security. She wasn't a mind reader not by a long shot. she supposed. Her ability fell into the impact category. But even that was more glamorous than the reality of it every woman knew when she was being ogled it was an instinct developed around the same time. The body began to mature making a young girl a target for the scrupulous and unscrupulous alike for karen. It was a million times worse with her talent. Every unwelcome pair of eyes felt like a feather light hand pawing her flesh. She was subconsciously aware of every part of her body being assessed as she passed. Even the subtlest voyeur. Her face is breath stomach hips but and more often than she cared to consider her feet. She didn't even own a pair of open toed shoes. She'd learned long ago when her abilities were in their infancy. That this type of visual molestation was the nature of man that reason she usually avoided crowds. Something else she learned long ago. It was rarely any better at church with her skin crawling. She forced her way through. Suppressing the urge to scream there were times in the past when she hadn't been so successful and outburst here could ruin her chances. Stay cool girl thirty yards ahead. She spotted what she was looking for. He was tall in life in a navy. Blue blazer with the heavenly duty crest on his sleeve a wire coiled out of his collartoo abud in his ear secret service style as she approached. She felt her mind slip into a prayer her first one in a long time. Please god let this work. The guard faced her and immediately began undressing her with his eyes. She ignored the discomfort and went into her spiel. Excuse me sir. She is the name tag on his left label. Dale he smiled. What can help you with miss. 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