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Eugene dacha by a team fifty seven one five nine nine six. I can remember many times crossing back over the country from gigs and russian to get back to town. So i'd get myself a peace not just any old pizza i'd to get a zikos. Pizza egos pizza is as as karkin institution regarding pizza as dino's are casey's our our our our lenses as regards fish and chips and daria kalland who has operated. I couldn't believe it forty years. Dairy is stepping down and retiring. Very good morning to you. I always used to say one of the reasons i love. The was in the old days of when we were pig. Premium or pizza was in this country. Were the first person who got the onen. Are the motions into cheese just right. It was pointed up forest. Where we we bought the shopping window was a vote on ninety nine and they go. Awards wants to shop with even to country and we have was. We were there we be normally. We tried a couple of banks and they wouldn't give us money soda. How'd you get into one. We didn't have in not comfort you work with for southern bank. At the time he was in nevermind that friend of mine and he he gives us our fox on and there was just product and my sister. And we'll get when we built big business and up there around that parbat tree and all the local businesses like yours loyal fiercely. Loyal supporters equals over the years. And of course you do. You have a connection to them to feed the car takes haven't you because you use them used to play them with pizza during the sitting every to to give full that for taking something different. Well you why Fine if you decided to call it a day thirty. I'm getting old. What was aniston. Two years ago. And i was serious open. It just turned me. Oh i got children and grandchildren that after a wakeup call as it were a wake up call. Yeah headed impact into more than anything and so. Are you going to close the shop where you're looking at selling into what you shop on sunday. Where leaching host. Okay so i just. I have no food of total. Whoever whoever has said they will they will be an outlet there but but but you're stepping down. I'm going to go home and actually eventually you. Bill dairy listen. Thank you for all the wonderful pizza that he hated servizi coz and all over the years and gloser of people remember it will remember it with great affection and and that jesse. That won't be closing. What you yourself are retiring getting just becoming and before before that you who appear your brother. John you would of course. Wouldn't tony romo. He the city. How did he pulled up woman because she's for survivors dumping. I put all that herself ever since dairy enjoy. Enjoy the retirement. and congratulations. and thank you for everything you've done for over the years. Z goes pizza kark institution and dairy and a family retiring to jerry and veronica and the family for the retirement. I remember being done one night with the leads in visa cortex when the cia Pizza arrived finest as it were the very very finest have we to do before we go. Yes on the subject of domestic violence and meal. Domestic violence constant meet new jersey was just entre remind me that she fain have been calling for a free national health line for domestic abuse and happy to mention that. Suppose if i can plane in time to be good to read out the number again georgia jude tomorrow. There won't be able to asia few bits of paper just before we go. But that's it for thursday thursday. The program edited by mary for juiston researched by katie. O'keefe and see you tomorrow just afternoon. The opinion line on cork's six fm tonight cardi insurance group. Call them now for motor home. Business farm lies on health insurance. The g. e..

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