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That is a synthetic drug or if it's an opiate coming from a team doctor on so i would you say oh chela jones i'm sorry i always got those two guys confused when they're here chandler jones right around half naked after smoking k2 spicer something that he bought at a gas station synthetic marijuana but you know you've got you've got a lot of options out there if you're looking for a drug to take right a and whether they are legal drugs prescribed from a doctor that we see as regular people or team doctor there are drugs out there and some of these drugs are clearly are much worse than others and you heard david stern use the term gateway drug and when i was growing up in school in grade school in high school marijuana was always considered a quote unquote gateway drug and i think that that was incredibly mislabeled it was wrong because to me the real gateway drug is five milligram percocet because when i had dental work as a 17yearold that's what you get and then you get ten your ten milligram if you have more dental work up to thirty milligrams of you have a lot that the work and i did you know this is something that was handed out ten fifteen years ago without a second thought and it's so irresponsible what doctors have done here because with doctors have done across the united states of america is the eighth prescribe these opiates and beit percocet vicadin oxycodone oxycontin methadone you name it they have prescribed it and they got millions millions of americans hooked on this stuff right and now because everybody's dying and people are scared and by the way the definition of a gateway drug is a drug that leads to taking worse drugs well percocet oxycontin oxycodone methadone what are they lead to when doctors cut your patients off it led to what rapid heroin use so that to me defines gateway drug but anyways you've got millions of americans out there that for years and years and years and years and years doctors prescribing thirty sixty 9000 and twenty pills a month and people take them because hey the doctors is to take them and then people start dying dr get scared dr cuts off patient what's.

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