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Us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world views eighty degrees at nine. Forty on this Saturday July twenty eighth Coppola. And here's what's happening the bacteria that causes legionnaire's disease was found in the water supply of Jacobi medical center Rudy Giuliani now says Michael Cohen could be disbarred medication is being hailed, as a possible breakthrough in the treatment of. Alzheimer's disease workers at the happiest place on earth are set to get a pay raise Ten wins AccuWeather forecast eighty degrees going down to sixty eight hundred fair skies humidity's at sixty six percent This is, Erica herskowitz game two in the. Bronx stop seven the royals Levy, for three the royals. Won the opener ten five top nine in Pittsburgh the pirates lead the Matt's five, nothing wins. News time nine forty one Traffic and transit on, the ones here's Rebecca Missouri starting off on the FDR drive heading northbound that crash right by sixty I they are reporting it clear, but the delays are, nine you still have, slowdowns back towards pretty much into the twenties and now southbound reporting crashes on the, FDR drive heading towards housed in and, those delays back towards around thirty fourth crash on eastbound right by Hamilton avenue two lanes blocked there and. Then farther east slammed from. Broadway heading towards the cashiers go on the belts a crash right by Francis Lewis boulevard and then farther west that earlier crash right by. Ocean Parkway that is clear from the winds transit desk six trains running with delays all do the fire department activity by. The, Brooklyn Bridge and, the j., m. trains running with delays both. Directions all due to track maintenance here's what you need to know about. The bridges and. The tunnels will right now the George heading in. Twenty both, levels outbound that's. Around ten. Lincoln tunnel west ten heading, in and out and the Holland. It's around fifteen heading in and, around ten heading out. I'm a recommendation Our next report at nine fifty one on ten ten wins wins, news time nine forty, two city officials have, confirmed the bacteria that causes legionnaire's disease was found in the water supply of Jacobi, medical center in the Bronx city health, and hospitals which oversees Jacoby confirmed that the bacteria was found through an aggressive water monitoring program the city. Is shipping in bottled water. For patients and staff and patients are washing with packed bath wipes as the hospital installs new water filters on showerheads health and hospitals spokesperson. Said the risk to patients is very low and there is no risk to the surrounding community small outbreak of legionnaires disease. Have, been popping up, in the, Bronx and upper Manhattan over the. Past year one person died of legionnaires disease this month after an outbreak. In Washington heights In an unprecedented move pope Francis stripped cardinal Theodore McCarrick of his title following, mechanics resignation this after allegations. Of sexual abuse and misconduct including one involving an eleven year old boy Jennifer Eccleston reports Francis has accepted the resignation of cardinal Theodore McCarrick from the college of cardinals after sexual assault allegations the pope also directed the former DC archbishop to observe a. Life of prayer and penance until the end of a Vatican, investigation into his conduct he's alleged to, have abused young men over forty years ago he has denied the allegations. The Vatican, didn't say where McCarrick would be confined, nor when a church trial might begin sources say. This is the first time in order of penance and prayer has been issued before a church trial takes. Place wins news time nine forty four sports up next on ten ten wins A tasty cake it's all about making happy, happen no, matter what the situation helping your friend move Yeah third, time this year what. Do you say we put a. Smile on that face with a. Tasty cake peanut butter candy cake sure why not So what do you think I have to say that's a, delicious cake great so. You're. Happy now That'd be good enough for me another happy ish customer. Tasty. Cake making happy happen U. f. a. n. sports, desk here's Erica herskowitz sixth-inning and then the royals loaded the bases off. Newly-acquired Zach Britton, in the seventh and took the lead when Britain, walked drew Tara so the Yankees they scored twice in the first on an RBI single and do har- a sacked fly. From Neil Walker and, got their other run on a solo shop from Shane Robinson in the fourth Salvador pres- homered. CC's about the about the left the game. With the bases loaded in the fifth he, pitched four and two thirds a lot. A couple runs on six hits, walk to and Three His big radio dot com or go to radio dot. Com Runs on eight hits over four and a, third is the Yankees failed. To a, race in early six nothing deficit in the opener the. Medicine pirates continue their four game set in Pittsburgh right, now, top of the ninth and the pirates. Lead this one five nothing Colin Moran and RBI single up Jacob degrom in a, sixty gram gave up to more in. The seventh in single the. David freeze and a run-scoring deviled Adam Frazier Maranan Francisco survey both. Singled in runs off Robert in the eighth to Graham left after seven gave. Up three, runs on eight hits and walk nine fanned five so again the Mets are down five zip in the ninth Sam. Darnold sat out for a second day as jets camp today the holdout reportedly continues because of a dispute over some language in his contract from the NHL the Rangers signed defenceman Brady shea to. A new six-year deal today and local, Major, League Soccer tonight the Columbus Crew beat the red bulls..

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