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Conservatives. But back in the day, he wants got support from groups like labor unions market down as one of the worst things I've done my life. See you thought about over the years. You'll think about it every time I see his face Mitch McConnell new series from embedded subscribe, now, let's get back to my interview with Christina Applegate. She stars in the new Netflix series dead to me, as a woman, grieving, the sudden death of her husband. So in addition to doing movies, and TV you did a Broadway revival of sweet charity. The music in that show us so good. Isn't it? The best of my God. Yeah. And you had to basically audition for. For the composer Cy Coleman. What was that, like? Recipes Cy Coleman. But now I can talk about how it was. It was really difficult. The audition process was really it was something else. I really I you know, I'm a huge Vaasie fanatic. I've sweet charity was when my favorite movies, all the jazz is in my top five of all time. I mean, this is like was Mike. My dream come true that I went to New York to audition. And I was there for a minute felt like ten hours and probably was ten hours of. Singing, audition. And then, you know, the all the scenes I had to do, and then the dancing when I was there for it just for hours, but apparently the end of the day after the addition was over and berry Wieser came into the dressing, Barron. Fran came in and said, can you give us a year and I sat there and I said, can you give me a minute? I was like drenched in sweat. And I kind of wanted to go just to have the experience of having a New York audition. I didn't even know if I had wanted to really make the commitment to do this at that time. I just wanted the experience of that. So I needed a minute and then. I get the call that Cy was not convinced of my singing, which I don't blame him. I mean, it's not my strong suit, and he wanted to have another work session in Los Angeles with me, and it was really, really challenging the way they operate in, not everyone in New York. But the way they talk to you. It's not fluffy. Like they do out in Hollywood. He was tough on me really tough on me. And I thought I was going to, like burst into tears many times during that work session. It was really, really hard and I got back in the car, and I call them and I said, look, I really wanna do it because if they're going to be like this, like, I, you know, and they said, well, psych Coleman, just called and he completely like thinks you're magical, and you, you're, you got the job. It was like say what, how did that happen? I thought he hated me. It was so scary, but it was amazing to be around him. This man who's written? All this incredible music. You said he was tough on you. What did he do that seem? So tough start moving your arm. Stop doing it that way. Why are you seeing it like that? Start. Again. Start like really what you what you think would happen in those in a work session like lily lake like the on Jeju getting completely like verbally abused. But I think that's just who he was. You know, he was just very strong man with a he knew what he wanted. No one's like fuzzy in the Broadway world. You know, it's, it's a tough job. And they gotta make sure you're doing it. Right. So we, you know, when we got there was, it was wonderful. I mean incredible. The rehearsal process was so much fun and so filled with so much joy for me. But they're you know, they can be tough on you. Well, let's hear you saying from the cast recording. And this is if my friends could see me now, which is such a great lyric by Dorothy fields. So here's my guess Christina Applegate, if they could. Theme.

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