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I think what william is getting at the sense of wanting to be prepared is a good place to bring in another guest to share her personal story joining us now on the line from evanston illinois is pro chiesa poor a writer in residents there porch east a welcome to winning hi thank you for having me thanks for making time force you wrote a piece about your relationship with guns you say that she used to really enjoy going shooting but the appeal to you as you described it in your piece was not purely sporting it had to do with some encounters with crime that you had in your past right right i had been raped and assaulted and marked a federal time the night early 20th antenna chairs and so for me there is this feeling that you know i it i talked myself into thinking that this with an added layer of protection for me but on top of that there with a sport aspect i knew i was a great shot i discovered at a shooting range and in the mid two thousand and so there's all sorts the rationale what was it about having a gun that made you feel safer was just being a great shot you kind of describe in your piece some of the cultural connotations around having a gun that really kind of appeal to you yeah i've heard of warm my way into some feminist straightening there at that i felt that the flip like the equivalent of selfdefence classes and in the nineties i had heard that felt account classes actually didn't work as well as people thought so this can me put me on the same level if tough guys threatened stones so i felt that if i was just very safe and responsible about it then what could go wrong of course i didn't know that statistics i near now did you ever have to use your gun to defend yourself either brandishing it or firing it.

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