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Everywhere else is looking good on the highways are free way of fortieth a is closed eastbound at chambers as for serious accident there Copeland came away fox thirty one pinpoint weather snow fog and wind tonight lows in the upper twenties tomorrow windy with some clouds highs in the low forties it is currently cloudy with fog and twenty two degrees our top story on KO a more winter weather stocking parts of the state including parts of the metro area tonight going to the next twenty four to forty eight hours or so this can be quite impact the weather across the state and the region would have some brief but intense snow fall that will reduce visibility plus win concerns heading into Saturday so travel around Colorado and at times near Denver fort Collins Greeley will be slow and you need to pack your patience for sure if you're gonna be the high country subject to periodic closures that's five thirty ones Matt make in some areas in the central and south western mountains could see more than a foot of snow by tomorrow night we are under a dense fog advisory in metro Denver and most of northeastern Colorado until eleven PM tonight well if you've been paying attention you know that thanksgiving week has been a nasty start to the holiday travel season with another major winter storm moving across the country to the country's smeared with winter weather alerts and when a large right now with winter storm warning from California all the way into Michigan winter from watch is now posted for the northeast as this storm does go coast to coast if he sees rob Marciano in both directions of I. seventy have a real opened after being closed for a rock slide for more than twelve hours today eastbound lanes reopened at three thirty the westbound side opened a few hours later at five forty well if you want to brave the cold Denver zoo lights it kicks off tonight.

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