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We drifting to the east over the weekend, keeping our numbers on the Christmas side. And we will see some twenties for low temps early next week. 38 degrees are low tonight. A couple of us snowflakes off to our west and across the Panhandle Tonight, some cold rain showers Here ties a cold front moves on through Mostly cloudy Saturday Breezy West Wind High 47 with 33 tomorrow night Sunshine Sunday 49. I'm Scott Larrimore, the weather Channel on talk radio 6 80 wcbm the views and opinions you here on talk radio 6, 80, Wcbm and wcbm calm are not necessarily those of the owners, management, employers and advertisers of wcbm, but they should be those seven investor he has brought to you by pro Status Financial Advisors Group. This is the seven investor radio with Mike Annette and pro Status Financial Advisors Group As a financial planner. My job is to figure out the best tools in the best solutions for my client's. Mike is a financial planner and estate planning attorney with a master's degree in taxation and three time Amazon best selling author alongside Mike is nine time five. Star Wealth Management Award winner and top break. Financial advisor by Forbes. Ryan Herbert. With your income, It has to be a reliable, predictable income stream. So you know this is how much I can spend four decades the pro status financial team has been helping families build successful retirements and lasting family legacies. Now the 70 investor radio the top three mistakes people make saving for retirement. We're gonna talk about that today, and retirees with guaranteed income are happier and live longer. Yeah, Mike and Reiner here to help you grow, keep and distribute your wealth in the most tax efficient manner possible. Mike, and it has the weekend off. Ryan Herbert is in the retirement hot seat this weekend, Right? How are you?.

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