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Going to get out of Misteri Atta was up and down may he was, great June he was awful and in. His I do start in July were pretty much dynamite including, seven shutout. Innings right. Before the all-star break he. Reverted, back. To his may. Form on the hill tonight Overall Ariana's been what he's, supposed to be I know he's making a lot of, money but the Phillies had the money to spend and he's a really solid number two race who is Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta doesn't have to be an ace even though he's a Cy Young award winner. He doesn't have to be as for this. Team and he didn't pitch great tonight. But hey how about the bullpen coming up, large you know when Ariana can't get out of. The fourth inning you're relying on your bullpen for some serious work and damn if they didn't turn it in tonight I. Davis with an inning in two thirds Iran alway cleaning hunter cleaning with two ks no hits Nishioka cleaning and Morgan comes in and shuts it down so no Sir, Anthony needed yet. The bullpen picked up the final five plus innings to get this one done, a nice job out of the bullpen. Narrower lots of rumors out there about that's what to believe Are going to looked upgrade, that's what the police need to. Upgrade and the like I've been saying all along you can always get, better the bullpen with, what major league baseball has become with the addition of importance put on the bullpen the amount that bullpens. Are, expected to do the fact that pitchers. Don't pitch into the eighth inning anymore yes you your your strength and. Your depth your bullpen needs to be better and deeper than it's ever been before so I'm not going, to say if the Phillies? Go out and. Add an, upgraded arm in their bullpen why are they doing it that's a mistake of course not now. You don't go out and just an arm. For the sake of adding an arm you add that. You believe is an upgrade it doesn't have. To be your second best bullpen guy if Sarangani Davis Sorrento Jesus Sarangani Dominguez easy for me to say is your best.

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