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There are few people have been around longer in Democratic Party politics. Senate better insights into how to win and lose elections than Terry McAuliffe breath. He was for years. One of the top fundraisers for his good friends bill and Hillary Clinton and then later served as chair of the Democratic National Committee. He was elected Governor Virginia and was widely talked about as a possible twenty twenty presidential candidate last April after looking. Hard at a run McCall of took himself out of the race and now seems to have his sights on another run as governor but there are wildcards down the road including the growing prospect that the battle for the Democratic Arctic nomination may not be settled by the time the primaries are over and for the first time in modern memory there could be a brokered convention. Might there yet be McAuliffe. Boom went for president will discuss that and much more with McAuliffe himself on this episode of skulduggery because people have gotta know whether or not their president's across. I'm not a crop. I told the American people I did not trade trade arms for my heart and my best intentions. Still tell me that's true but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not I did not have sexual license without him there will be no lives. We will honor the American people with the Truth and nothing else. Terry.

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