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Van Cise. Our editor we've had some calm since last dorm dumping several more inches of snow on us. But the smart money is on more snow and icy roads in the next few days. Good news from meteorologist j Aubrac at the national national weather is that the storm expected Monday night into Tuesday, probably won't lashes long as they I thought most of our tools right now are saying that the precipitation will start tapering off midday Tuesday, the big impacts are going to be Monday night Tuesday morning. It looks like right now about a twenty four hour period. No right now, they're saying that storm will a slightly warmer, which means possible freezing rain from Seattle south could leave to more ice and make your drive very dangerous. Now, speaking of driving whether or not the snow was falling road, maintenance, crews are going to keep scraping the ICES the next round of snowstorms comes in our next one. Yo here do. After noon. Jeremy Ferguson is the road maintenance manager for King County. His plow drivers working twelve hour shifts. Usually our trucks run for eight hours a day, but they're out there twenty four hours. So when we do have an equipment breakdown at getting right into the shop getting sick and getting back out on the road as soon as possible Ferguson saying he recommends you use today in the calm in the clearing skies to stock up and prepare for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the incoming storms are going to significantly impact roads, no matter where you are. And after a couple of days cooped up in the house, you probably need to get out. So first responders wanna make sure you stay safe Puget Sound regional fire. Captain Kylo Hashi says iced over lakes and rivers often a dangerous scenario the ice thinner than you think. Once snow begins to fall, it's going to cover that ice and cover the shoreline, and it's going to be difficult for people to tell where the ground and where the ice and water begins. Best thing to do is simply stay away from that. And that includes your pets don't rely on just tossing a big rock out there on the lake thinking, oh, it's still floating or still there on the ice. It's not as thick as you'd think. We're hearing the green. Lakers already starting to freeze in Seattle bitter lake as well, we got a picture from lake Limerick. Darren Mason county, we're seeing ice cover star lake is also showing a sign of ice stay away from it, Ohio. She says make sure your car stocked up with everything you need if you have to stay in it for a while too, including a full tank of gas. So you can stay warm. You also recommends that you avoid driving places you might get stuck because they often see cars left abandoned, which creates more problems for everyone who comes after them stay away from those hills. Do not go beyond the road.

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