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You mentioned that cheese. The last larry nassar abuse survivor this olympic team. And i wanna come back to that in just a few minutes. But i wanna talk a little bit more about this decision because beyond it being decision to look out for her own mental health and protected. She's also framed this decision as one about her own safety and the well being of her team. I didn't wanna do something silly out there and get injured so i thought it was best if these girls took over ended the rest of the job which they absolutely did their olympic silver medallist now and they should be really proud of themselves. Can you explain to us a little bit. Yeah absolutely so that Vault that she walked out of n. What that means is that she got lost in the air. If you go back and watch the video you can see at one point. She's lost sight of her ground. She's lost sight of you know where she's supposed to be in her movement and the fact that she lands on her fee is just because she's simone biles like she's that good but she short she cut the amount of rotation shoes supposed to do in half right and that feeling of bulking What what Gymnasts called the twisties rate. Is it's disorienting. The way you twist and flip through the air And part of your training is to do things so many times that you can do it and you have a sense of where you are and you just know you're going to run to the vault you're gonna throw your vote and you're going to land but it's dangerous especially in the sports like gymnastics because if you get lost of where you are in the air and you're unsure about your landing. There's a high probability you're going to get hurt and in fact. Many gymnasts are sharing stories today and threads on twitter stories. Instagram videos about their own experiences with this moment became maroney took to instagram. To share about having this happened to her mid air on the beam in coming down straight on her head. We know that this is something that has paralyzed people. It's very dangerous. And when she's talking about the team which is also citing is that volt was eleven point something something which is not a score. I don't even know the last time that she would have ever seen a number of that low for her on that so part of our decision when she talks about what it means for the team. This is the team competition right. This is not just the all around. This is not her scores alone but a very real feeling of. It's not just that. I don't trust myself but i also don't trust myself to contribute. In the way that i would need to to help my team i would actually be a detriment to them like I think the girls need to do the rest of the competition without me and there were like i promise you. You're finally watched you warm up and i said no so. They were like okay. Well if simone says this and we need to take a pretty serious and so i had the correct people around me to do that through trying to maybe explain to someone who's not really familiar with her or doesn't really understand her or what she's capable of. How would you explain. simone biles. yeah. I mean she's just it's it's it's kind of amazing to watch her into be in in a moment where we are getting to see and we have been able to see her performances the way that she's been able to innovate the sport who the height. She's able to get off of her volts. I mean there's there's such a beauty and power behind her performances and yet you know. She has absolutely pushed routines to places that we haven't seen from gymnasts files landing and astounding triple double during.

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