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And Katie okay new center in this is Oklahoma's first news just in case the overnight storm didn't remind you this spring in the metro our forecast is coming up Oklahoma has a state budget for the upcoming fiscal year both the house and the Senate voted last night to override governor Kevin Stitt said veto of the seven point seven billion dollar plan senator Roger Thompson urged his fellow senators to vote for the override when you talk about the core values of Oklahoma that's keeping people safe in the midst of a pandemic that's keeping our education system strong and supporting the education advances that we have made over the last two years of back to back races and taking care of the classrooms are budgeted all of those things the budget cuts education funding by two and a half percent and funding to many state agencies by four percent the latest numbers from the state health department show no additional covert nineteen deaths in Oklahoma so the death count remains two hundred seventy eight four thousand eight hundred fifty two Oklahomans have tested positive three thousand five hundred fifty nine Oklahomans have recovered Oklahoma city officials are looking toward the next phase of the city's re opening process mayor David Holt tweeted last night that officials are ready to enter the second re opening phase tomorrow city leaders are urging residents to continue to practice social distancing and wear masks in public the state's second phase reopening plans calls for bars to reopen in organized sports bureau of land waiting to resume from the Kentucky okay weather center stormteam partly sunny today will get up to the mid eighties will drop to the low seventies with a chance of storms tonight tomorrow mostly cloudy.

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