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This is fresh air i'm david being cooley editor of the website tv worth watching sitting in for terry gross some of today's most popular breakfast cereals such as corn flakes and rice krispies have a history that intersects with the seventh day adventists the early wellness movement eugenics sexual abstinence in some innovative as well as some horrifying medical interventions not something you suspect from the popular tv ad jingles today's guest dr howard marquel is the author of a book called the kellogg's the battling brothers of battle creek it comes out next week in paperback it's about dr john kellogg and his younger brother will kellogg john the doctor was groomed to be a leader of the seventh day adventists in eighteen seventy six he became the director of their sanitarium in battle creek michigan which he turned into a world famous medical center spa in grand hotel that attracted many celebrities in one thousand nine hundred eighty one his research on diet and digestion was nominated for a nobel prize as part of his dietary research dr kellogg and his brother created a new idea ready to eat cereals such as corn flakes will who was the business innovator turn those breakfast cereals into good tasting mass produced popular breakfasts marketed under the kellogg brand he founded the company in one thousand nine hundred six all of the two brothers worked together for a long time they never got along and their relationship ended with a series of lawsuits howard marquel directs the center for the history of medicine at the university of michigan or he's also professor of pediatrics and communicable diseases terry gross spoke with him last year dr howard marquel welcome to fresh air it's funny no breakfast cereals now are often considered basically sugar coated vitamin pills the ford advocation of vitamins is the nutrition and the sugar is white cake gets kids to eat it but it's not very good for them but breakfast cereals were originally part of a health craze that dr kellogg created why was breakfast such a problem like if you were into health like dr john kellogg was what were the problems with breakfast as he sought well there are a number of issues and yes cornflakes we flakes flake cereal in general were invented to be easily digested by those with upset stomachs or what was then called dysplasia the great american stomach ache and if you look at what people eight in america in the late nineteenth century or even the early twentieth century it was a very heavy in animal fats often cured meats so the very salty a lot of sugar you would have for breakfast potatoes were fried in the congealed fat from the night before a lot of alcohol and caffeine was consumed a lot of carbohydrates and making breakfast was an ordeal so even if you made porridge or mush these whole grains took hours to melt meltdown and make into a masha soft form and so these poor mothers were getting up very early on they're probably taking care of all their children all night they had to start a wood burning fire and so making breakfast was a great ordeal but john harvey kellogg invented them for the invalid people who came to his battle creek sanitarium it was his little brother will who realize you know there are a lot more people who are healthy and just want a convenient tasty breakfasts than those who are ill and need an easily digestible breakfast so he had a little sugar a little salt to cornflakes and it just took the world by storm in one thousand nine hundred six because you could simply poor breakfast out of a box even dad could make breakfast now so it originally didn't have the title of like cornflakes weed flakes what was what was the original flaked cereal that the kellogg's invented called will their first serial basically dr kellogg thought that if you dextra nuys starch what that meant is if you bake a grain for a long period of time at a high temperature the starch molecules would break down into a simple sugar dextrose and that would be easily digested as soon as you start chewing because the salivary glands help break that down even further and then of course as you go through the gastrointestinal tract it easily breaks it down so they first started serving double bakes y back diskettes out of a whole graham greene which was whole wheat grain and that's where the term graham cracker comes from name for silvester graham who touted this in the.

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