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You could see everyone was locked in. And what he was saying. He said, you know, this is just another chapter. We gotta go pear paragraph-by-paragraph sentence by sentence word by word to create a story for themselves, and you could see it was sort of leaning into that underdog mentality that we saw in Philadelphia and continued to see this season, actually. So that was all good. And then we saw Jim Irsay come in. Did you see this when he when he came in and gave the? Yeah. Did that hype you up? I mean that was something else. I think it was like, please this let me get the last word here. I mean, I kinda felt like since the NFL has partnership with seizures international whatever they did. You know? It was okay. For him to come out and say he really was playing the over in the game. And he was disappointed his team to get the thirty. What I just you know, it's all out in the open now. So I appreciated him being honest. That was anything. I mean, maybe that's good for. Yeah. That's what you need. Dear. I also wanted to ask you about the third down stuff. You talked about this team. And you look at some of these guys like in many Braun, they seem always know where the sticks are when they're running those routes, and that's something that, you know, comes down to coaching a little specific things. And that's just what Frank Reich has been able to bring to that building. Or is it one of those things where if you have a quarterback, Andrew luck? He's savvy and smart enough in the huddle to say, hey, make sure you get to this yard Marco, you know, before you make the cut or whatever it may be or or is it just simply things are working out. And Andrew luck is big in the right throws in the colts continued to keep it rolling. I mean, they always seem to have the right play called at the right time. They just remarkable. I don't know how they, but they just seem to do it. You know, you know, everybody plays six. I mean, that's the that's one of the major plays. They play the sticks on third Nate. You know, don't give you know force the ball in front of the six. Okay. Great. We did that you know. And yet he's they still find a way to make way. And it's just remarkable. I mean, it's the sense of how he teaches it. It's the way he calls the game. And he often talked about it and through talking to some people. You know, he calls the game. Like, he played it. Right. But he played quarterback. He kinda gets feel hor runs for two hundred yards in the game. And he never really wanted to game. I'm thinking he was gonna arrive. You know, he just went into the game figuring out how they were gonna play the Justice what he was doing with his play calling in. That's one thing that the Texans haven't been able to do. I mean, I was talking to somebody in the league last week. And they're like, hey, look the Texans offense is really a high school office. It's very basic. It's very even though they do some things, but they don't, you know, and I'm not. I'm not calling out Bill O'Brien here whatsoever. What I'm saying is by calling it a high school, and they're limited by a lot of shit that happens with that that law that law firm of lamb and before the two tackles KENDALL land, Julian Davenport, the left tackle ain't good, man. They play off and they don't play with any power. They can't win up front, and you could just tell from the first drive of the game. They couldn't get control the game. They can ever get control of the game..

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