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And the team will try the team plans to try that once again today It's 5 48 Back to Jack Taylor on the traffic center That may be trouble downtown We've got an early delay in Virginia running north on three 95 crossing the 14th street bridge as you head toward the case bridge in lower 14th That's where we may have a wreck seems to be the focal point of a delay beyond it You're good onto the freeway continuing toward the third street tunnel from there Now I 95 getting there We'd been jammed early riding into Fredericksburg There was a wreck before the rappahannock river bridge That is gone Now we've got a little downhill flow as you leave falmouth Again moving Stafford and then through woodbridge But again travel lanes should be available No worries on the beltway yet between Alexandria and McLean 66 looking good at a Gainesville east all the way so far toward Rosalind without delay Good ride early in Maryland out of Frederick two 70 south looking good down toward the lane divide Still quiet between the beltways for now 95 and the BW Parkway Four 95 without issue through Montgomery or prince George's county's moving between oxen hill and Bethesda should find your travel lanes open We did have an early heads up on the rails this morning Mark Penn line trained 6 13 We'll have a delayed departure because of a track issue south of Martin state airport Sponsored by Oracle cloud U.S. warfighters count on Oracle cloud for mission success Find out more at Oracle dot com slash DoD Jack Taylor WTO P traffic And our forecast here Mike Jennifer set us up on this Monday morning I would look like today is going to be the best day of the week as the rest of the week looks rather unsettled We're going to see sunshine this morning skies will cloud.

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