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Good morning at one forty on mark ability Marcus Stroman picked a bad time to his worst start since being acquired at the deadline five runs ten hits in four innings of the Phillies bike the Mets five that hasn't exactly been spoon a smooth sailing for Stroman culminating in this really poor outing I'm sure he's frustrated but you know I mean I haven't noticed that in his work in between haven't noticed that when he's been on the bench cheer and you know first teammates in ran route everybody on callous and watchers smiley suffocated the master seven allowed just four hits with six case the cubs loss to the mentoring for back for the second wild card Iggy bass a red Sox five one Gary Sanchez two run double into international knocked in three putting a ball to run shot for Jay had continues to turn things around just to it's over six in a third scoreless with seven punch out from the folks on trying to track one I think that that's been helping and assisting in my lanes a little bit on both sides of the plate thank it's effectiveness from yes no one piece of bad news is Arabic suffered a setback leaving a season now in jeopardy series continues tonight monster Tanaka gets reports Sello pregame here on the fan seven twenty five scoreboard asters about the mariners two one twins down the Indians five three Rangers that's where the Orioles nine four respond blue jays three angels the by the white Sox in seven aids role the Tigers tend to back in the end of the brewers walked off the cubs three two D. back like the Reds Tuesday Carter's overwhelm the call of the pirates and one giant stifle the Dodgers won nothing with the brains of the nationals five four Padres blank Rockies present nearly the Royals the got the marlin seven two off the field Michael Pineda fail the P. detest twins writing it with a six game suspension Antonio brown is new all signed a one year deal worth up to fifteen million with the patriots just hours after being released by the raiders giants begin their season with the cowboys today sick one Barkley knows in the running game going to be easy and the date of the lan backorders is amazing Janice night and all those guys on every single one on our our music plays a other facets of physical made the flows to the ball well they tackle really well on over space you know so for me it's and I know it's not going to be a cakewalk pregame right here on the fan at two ten Jed says the bills is Adam gase open his offense will be up to the challenge of his debut I don't know if you feel like these once move the reason and when you have a drive that might be successful if if things are a little out of whack. you can adjust and sometimes you have good results and things might be not right college football no surprises top ten six Frank Ellis.

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