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Do you think alexa. Bliss against shayna baszler would how would the crowd respond given what we've seen so far. If sunday was the first arena show with a packed audience would mean. Yeah i mean what would with the place that they are in the story line. Do you think they would've looked at differently if if they were having to worry. About the crowd response to or wanting to direct it a little more a little more as opposed to being able to pipe in a channel that fits with what they want. Yeah maybe i mean. I think we know how people would have reacted because we heard how people reacted wrestlemainia. You know look to me opening wrestlemainia night to fiend. Vs randy orton. And you heard the booze and it was the wasn't booze of we don't like this guy the other guy it was booze of. We're not satisfied with the storytelling that's happening here. And that's what was most interesting about that to me was like that was a twenty four hour grace period that you got and that's it to being back. It was the honeymoon's over guys. I don't like this. And yeah i mean. I think that there's gonna. I think a lot of things are going to change. You know i was. I was in the thunderdome thunderdome in the capitol wrestling center. On sunday. i went in for the main event. And i watched it and it was the most people they've ever had in their three hundred people or so. I think it don't quote me on that. But that's the way joseph talked. It sounded like it was like thirty thousand people. But yeah i can truly people out right like the wrestlers are so happy to have that many people in their triple h through the moon about having that many people in they're happy about having three hundred so i don't forget to ask remember. This is related. How much bigger is the footprint of capitol wrestling center. Compared to the full sail annexed studio that they worked in as a good question It's it's similar okay. You know i've been to is really interesting with capitol wrestling center every time i've gone. They've rearranged the seating process. I mean not but you know the seating arrangement. There's been a lot of like. How can we move this to be over there and everything. I think there's certainly more floor seating apple sale you know most most of what's going on at the capitol wrestling center now is built in bleachers. I think you can fit more people into full sail. Those percents my guess would have been full sales like thirty percent bigger footprint. Maybe but not not no no nowhere near yeah no one. Yeah it's it's definitely comparable. Yeah that's why i think hopefully the takeover moving into marinas at some point. Because i miss that. I miss the take the buzz like. Aws w hat has that with the larger arenas the buzzing the building. I was there for all in and it was like before the show starts takeovers. Had that like they have better music. They had a fresh camera angles for an arena. Because you know they just have different. You know it's not. Vincent kevin don and company. It's a it just felt fresh and energy in the building was a different level than when i say different i mean higher lower but think was higher but just a different type of and a different vibe and next. I'm curious if they can still capture that. Awa sorta stolen that cachet sort of from them and their their spot in the industry and with a roster and the perception stuff. So i'm eager just as an observer standing back to see if a takeover in an arena can replicate five ago or if. Aws taken that from them. Or if you're saying it's two hours and it's there's as talked about inter-religious media call last week. There's not a lot of rotation tallaght anymore and the perceptions of what it is have changed if that's just isn't there anymore and that magic is sorta gone so for a variety of reasons. I'm interested besides the obvious point which is just would feel like a more major atmosphere and there for the big stars in a bigger setting. I thought because. I think about that stuff too. And i thought that the coming off of takeover on sunday which was an excellent takeover. The five-way was excellent. The ladder match was excellent. I thought i was just so good. The women's matches And the fact that they are devoting more time to building characters with like the cameron. Grimes anneli nights stuff with the stuff. Which i think is really good and really really important for an extended. Do i really thought that. This week's annex t tv was one of the best tv episodes they've ever done. I thought the storytelling. I thought the pacing. I thought the matches i thought the people are highlighted. Everything about it was just a joy as a wrestling fan to watch and made me think that i feel like a switch has has clicked in his brain whether triple h is brain. Whether it's shawn. Michaels brain i. You know whoever whoever it is. The that switch is in their brain. I felt watching. Tv last night. Like the switch click. And it's like okay. We're gonna do stuff. Because i mean even just the inclusion of samoa joe felt like a win and i was like did the way annexed. He moved last night and the people that were highlighted. Made me feel like. Oh no no no no annex teas and teas. Buzz is not going anywhere. That's that's how i felt watching the tv. But while i was gonna say was is interesting in the capitol wrestling center. Because i found and this is different because people have been critical of the capitol wrestling center fans not having that energy. And maybe that's because they have access right. Maybe that's because like if you know when you are i get to go to the capitol wrestling center. It's like oh my god like this is amazing. There's only a few people that get to go in this building and we get to live and you know. Maybe it's a little different when you're a resin. I don't know but i did find.

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