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Acts of that human he's audacity going four specific not congressional votes if you loved seniority obama you're going to love kevin so daily young so but i don't the idea even i that don't even somehow understand diane i'll feinstein's tell you what that power means within well congress all because that she's means been there for is 25 years is not the a positive left isn't for left democrats enough in california in california anymore that's that that's a criticism might owner stan listen i'm all in favour of term limits i think 25 years is way too long for one person to be in congress but but in this case the argument that that then is bad for the state of california it doesn't make any sense uh i did think it's funny she is still destroying him in the polls i mean you mentioned the numbers of fifty four percent to thirty seven percent that was within the california democratic delegation whether or not they were going to endorse a candidate right now she is out polling kevin daily own forty six percent to seventeen percent so it he's royalty in california she's got all kinds of money people prayed to her up in the bay area that's weird bad is weird but she has ten million dollars in cashonhand he has a half a million she got twenty times the amount of money and remember when she ran against michael huffington that was the for it was at the first hundred million dollars senate campaign i think this is the way it was labelled way back when she has the ability to raise a lot of money yep and put kevin daily own way behind in that race so we'll see how the and she's got all that money that era husband got paid from the bullet train people to fan at strickler forgot about that all right coming up next we have a livestock update this is the first time were doing this on the show no we do that we should get livestock noises okay never that toy did you ever have that toy it was a round toyo the.

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