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All right, That's three. Let's talk about number four, the other most compelling spot right now the Atlanta Falcons of what they're going to do we bring in de Orlando Ledbetter. Atlanta Falcons beat writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Thank you so much for joining us, my man. Let's just, you know, everybody thinks it's Kyle pits because it could be a generational talented quarterbacks are valued pretty high. What do you see? Or what are you hearing as far as what the Falcons are going to do? I'm thinking that going quarterback, you know, no question about it, Uh, cop. It's we believe smokescreen. I mean, he'd be a good addition. No doubt about it. They want to get an impact player who can Change the face of the franchise for the next 10 years. So we don't know that Justin feels or Lance Turner. Lance, So we're you know, we're locked in at quarterback here for the fastest with the fourth pick. How is that gonna work with Matt Ryan's contract moving forward? He is a $70 million dead cap charge this year in a 40 million dead cap charge next year. Yeah. Just bring that over two years and cut it down to 20. They only have 32 projected for tools to 22, then 111 million for 23 stuff. It's doable. It's doable is the ideal, But you know if he's gotta fit four year, you know, like patch of my home set and Canon City, you know, or Jordan love sitting for two and Green Bank or, you know, and Roger Step for a couple years to So you know, you can get the quarterback in here. You can get your quarterback of the future, you know, Expect to be in the top. Part of the draft in the near future, they can do it. The Orlando Ledbetter from Atlanta Journal Constitution to be writer for that great newspaper. I let me ask you this, but pits and Kyle pits were. This is mostly this abetting show right now. He's the massive favorite two to go off the board primarily in the spot. Many people think you're very convinced it's going to be a quarterback. Pitch could also be a generational talent like it doesn't seem like they are is the quarterback of that much value in Atlanta or needing a new face that you would possibly skip on what could be a Hall of Fame tight end wide receiver. Yeah, no question about it Causes. Yeah, no question about that's all good stuff. But you know the Falcons, you know their lines giving up 133 sacks of left. Uh, Three years that the Russian attack has been 27. 30 years between seven. You know the line is a play, you know, later on, we believe, and you can think you can get your quarterback of the future topic That really helped them much. He's gonna play 10 15 plays that tight in you can get a tackle. That's a place 60 70. Plays a game or you can get your quarterback of the future. So they are confident there coaching staff in the new regime and put the line together and you know, so it might be a situation where they lived for the future and not necessarily for The immediate gratification of getting a pass catcher that you can't you know you can get open, but you can't get to him because you're you know you're sacked all the time. So No question about it. Riley Odoms was last party in the Golden Top five and you know that was like eons ago, so they know that they have to do some infrastructure building. From the quarterback position and offensive line. And you know, so they got. They got a past on the the so called generation talent K Block in line. What's the likelihood that they'd be willing to trade back from pick number four? It's it's the likelihood is good. However, I believe they missed that. They missed the boat. It missed the boat with them. Francisco came up from 12 to 3 and You know, now, then, then they made the rich. They made itself Bridge that nobody can come up and give them something That's gonna be okay. So where they Like a fall back to Pittsburgh. They can't fall back to Chicago. They can't even fall that the New England at 15, the only partner for them would be Denver and not So you know they're going to keep the phone lines open and you know, something could happen, You know, maybe filling maybe Detroit coming up to get maybe Detroit coming up to get changed something like that. But, yeah, they're gonna keep their phone lines open. That's still a possibility. But as far as the mega mega deal, they missed the boat on that. The Orlando Ledbetter for The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Carrot covers the Falcons. Thanks left in some of them appreciated. All right, Take your guys. Thanks for having me. I mean, you folks, You can't see Joe's face and you can't see our control room. But when he said constantly, they're taking a quarterback eyes were bugging out their heads. Joe still looks flabbergasted. We're gonna take a minute to digest that one. Hum proof has a handful of things there. Kyle pits only 10 to 15 plays a game. Let's let's marinate and then we'll react. We'll marinate move reacts and apparently, folks coming up next. I never used this term. Jake is given out locks and if you don't hit him, 5 45 Middle Street Bristol, Connecticut send the invoice will do that. Well,.

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