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Up Barely up by one point. I'm Charlie. It's a Bloomberg business Flash. All right, Charlie, Thank you so much. You are listening to Bloomberg. BusinessWeek. Well, this is one of those rub your hands together interviews Carol, because I'm so excited to catch up. Again with Craig Gordon Washing bureau chief executive editor for Bloomberg joining us on the phone from the nation's capital and its environs. So, Craig, I am tempted to just talk about you to radio in the return to serious extend that both you and I was so happy about, But we have other business to discuss, and I guess I would start by asking you as you look across. All that your reporters are working on all the inputs. You're getting What's the most important story in Washington right now? I think the most important story right now, actually is Donald Trump's handling of the current situation regarding things like Confederate flag and some of these racial issues. Obviously, there's stimulus. There's the virus. There's a lot going on, but we're seeing a real window. Into Trump's psyche as he starts to look the same poll numbers. We're looking at that show him kind of Ah, you know, blinking red across the board. Most of the swing states right now suggested be going to Biden. The country right track wrong track number, which is one of the main numbers that people look at, you know, in terms of presidents, prospects of reelection are all going there's air all in the wrong direction for Trump. Instead of finding a message to try to either unite the country during Cove it or, you know some of the some of the racial here in healing that might be available to him. He's actually going in the complete opposite direction. He's he talked. Hey, talked again this morning. Ah, a little bit about the Confederate flag. That was a tweet from yesterday. Actually, he said Kellyanne Conway out to defend his comments on that. Obviously, we all saw the speeches from Friday and Saturday night where he's standing amount Rushmore a real chance again to kind of try to have some unifying words, you know, standing under the visages of our greatest presidents. And really want one pretty pretty negative. So I think a lot of times with trump what you see is what you get. He's not a man who has a pretty good It has a very good poker face, and I think he's worried about losing, and I think the more he's worried about losing. He's going to start lashing out in these, you know, and frankly, pretty ugly ways. Azad tries to keep Joe Biden down. Does he not want to be President? Oh, you know, I won't put in my car quite that far. That's always on the question right now is more surprising. Donald Trump on Election Night 2016. But he definitely I feel like you know, he's he's a politician who kind of one with sort of one good trick, and that trick was Muslim Ban. It was the wall. It was us versus them. It was sort of. Ah, you know, speaking to the so called downtrodden Americans and kind of stoking some of those darker impulses in the American psyche. I think that's how he got to be the president's first time. He's the president. Now. President has a lot of tools at their disposal. There could be virus things or against another racial hearing. You just economic economic message. I'm going to bring the economy back, which he sort of says a lot that doesn't do much, Andi said. He's kind of going back to that one trick over and over, and I would respectfully argue, even perhaps in an even darker way. The problem for Trump is a lot of the country's not really with him. I mean, you know, he won by the slimmest of majorities wasn't even a majority plurality. Last time, Even some of those people are Scared about the virus. They don't like the way things are going with the economy. We know the seniors who are pretty strong for him in 2016 are kind of starting to drift away. And so I mean, you know, we all know Donald Trump's advisers have a pretty poor record of getting him to change his ways. For boy. This does not feel like he's playing a winning hand right now. And yet he keeps doubling down on doubling down on doubling down. Well, Craig, you know, we just have a headline crossing the Bloomberg about California, seeing 6090 new virus cases, versus about 6600 for the 14 day average. You know, we constantly are watching these virus headlines and a lot of states that are very important to the president. You know, we're seeing cases Spike in the problem getting bigger and bigger. How problematic is his handling of the virus, ultimately to him come November. Yeah, And this to me is a bit. It was sort of the mystery of it. We had a terrific story out by great recording. Mike Dorney just yesterday on the Bloomberg terminal, talking about how in the very states where the case is air up. Trump's numbers are down. It's almost like a 1 to 1 correlation where the case is air up. The numbers are down. This isn't blue states like California, which you mentioned New York, New Jersey, which obviously had his share of problems. This is Florida. This is Arizona. This is places he won and really needs to win again. If he has any chance of all of getting back into the White House, so it again, it does seem to study even run counter to that these air his voters these air his states. This is Trump country, and they're suffering right now with the virus, And yet they look to the White House. They looked at the president. And they're really I mean, Trump almost barely mentioned the virus anymore. Obviously went from the extreme of those nightly two and three hour long briefings to now, he barely will say the word. You know the I r us on DH. I'm sorry. I think some of the voters in those places again. Maybe they don't want to wear a mask. Maybe they wish they could go back to the barn. Whatever people are feeling right now we're all a little antsy. I'm in week 17 and work from home. I, You know, I feel their pain. But I do think they're looking to the White House and looking to the leader of the country for some answers to help their states and their friends and neighbors and they're saying nothing, And that's a problem for Trump. Oh, and Craig. It's also interesting to see a shift in tone. It feels like over the last week from whether it's Mitch McConnell or even vice president. Pence saying, Wear a mask. I mean, it sounds so ridiculous to point that out, and at the same time, it's notable right that wearing the works right now on Pence's comments, because I picked up a little bit on that, just as you did over the weekend that even my pants is the Loyalist loyalist. Obviously. Carried a lot of water for this president is kind of ever so slightly, edging away from among the question of a mask that it's okay to wear a mask and call. No one's idea of flaming liberal is out there saying the same thing. So right, it's like that's what strikes me and I think that we made me answer your question of why did the top the top tier of what's the most important thing? It's both that Trump is doubling down on what feels to me and I think the polls suggest is kind of a losing message, but he's starting to lose. His loyalists when Mike Pence is starting to talk a little differently around Trump way. That's that's a pretty notable day. Mitch McConnell some of these other folks, and that's where the trouble really is right now for President Trump, because you've had a hard time finding any daylight between those Tio since three election, that's for sure. We're going to continue our conversation with Craig Gordon in just a few minutes after we do some news in some business, one of the things And I want to talk about is while Craig Gordon may be unwilling to put this president couch his niece was willing to in some way, and that book is meant to be a blockbuster, and some copies, air leaking out. It's supposed to come out next week, and he thought John Bolton's book Got Tongues wagon. This one looks like it's gonna do similarly, and maybe even bigger strike to another new tell.

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