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It is Saturday September first. Good afternoon I'm Dave marr set here it is eighty-five, degrees in Chicago beat their predicted high and we're headed for an overnight low of seventy three. With showers and thunderstorms in the forecast we'll have. A complete poor pet forecast coming up our top local story on NewsRadio WB b. m. punches were thrown inside a little village church today minutes before the funeral mass began for six of the ten children who died and last weekend sleepover fire w., b. VM's Bob Roberts with a report tensions were high even before the. Fistfight twenty minutes before. The mass began mortars exchange gang signs a TV cameraman was harassed and other Petach refers across the street from Our Lady of church were told by a man. And a gang had to stop shooting Photos and video silvery Catholic Bishop. Alberta Ross called? Those? Who died, angels and told the congregation. It's difficult to say anything after such a tragedy he. Went on to say what's done. Is done but, it is, hard to. Take Bob Roberts NewsRadio and. What oh by point nine FM and concerning the fire, city building inspectors are going after the owner of the home where the ten children were killed. In that fire inspectors have charged the honor with. Over forty violations the judge in the Jason Van Dyke trial held a rare Saturday court session today to consider two motions from the special prosecutor could land the police officer accused of first degree murder in the twenty fourteen shooting death of Laekan McDonald, in jail Joe Cullen from the special prosecutor's office asserted Van Dyke went. On what he called. A media blitz by granting interviews to the Tribune and FOX TV van dykes lawyer Dan Herbert said a media blitz by Jason Van Dyke are you kidding me Herbert said Van Dyke has a. First amendment right. To talk he, has a right to defend himself he. Talked about his personal Never tell Why The prosecutor, said the place to defend himself is in the courtroom that he does not have the right to try the case in the. Press the parties are restricted from talking under judge Vincent gones decorum order akin to a gag ordered contempt hearing if there is one would take place after the, trial but the judge is considering a motion to revoke or increase Van Dyke Bonn next week by Crausser NewsRadio on one, point nine FM four people including a child were killed early today in a wrong way crash.

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