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You'll like them. I want to try it. Roseanne Barr has denounced the F word for homosexual. Oh, not the F word the other. It is the F word for homosexual and declared that she's queer in a bizarre video that she posted Sunday. No, Rosie the word. Is really a hateful word, isn't it? She said, especially when it's one gay another gay that have you ever been in the middle of them hate marriages. It's like, wait a minute. You're not supposed to say that word. How come you're saying that word? Oh, I just can't say the word. Well, I can when I'm in the house, and I can't say it outside the house. Okay. I get your rules. She's just way. Go take a nap frozen. She looks horrible in the video. He's gone. She just looks horrible Rosie has gone by by which associate which is really sad. Because I remember when she was such a fabulously great comedian, and she really was kit Kat the candy bar. Yes. As unveiled a new kit Kat do. Oh, that's going to be permanent. Delicious, not going to be a, you know, just a very temporary special item. Yeah. It's it's kit Kat. Dark chocolate and mint duo. Oh, sounds good. So it's you know, it's got your kit Kat stuff on the inside. The crunchy stuff and the top of it is mint chocolate and the bottom of it is dark dark dark chocolate. Mitch Mitch cream with the bottom portion is coated in dark chocolate the new kit Kat mash up a set to officially hit retailers in December. Molly that AMI to educators. In Huntsville, Alabama teachers are pooling their sick days to help another educator and his wife after their baby daughter was diagnosed with cancer, Meghan green. Whose husband David teaches social studies and coaches football at Mae Jemison highschool made a plea on Facebook for sick day donations. So they could be with their baby Kinsley while she's being treated in Birmingham about one hundred miles away. Kinsley green was diagnosed with cancer when she was just ten months old. It's been undergoing chemo. And yeah, the all the teachers got together those great and don't donate it over one hundred sick days. So that they could be with their baby Jared Kushner? Dismisses Russian election interference. As a couple of Facebook ads. He said, quote, quite frankly, the whole thing is just a big distraction for the country. Wasn't he one of the ones that was trying to establish a back door to rush rush? Here's what he says of it. You look at what Russia did, you know, buying a some Facebook ads to try to soda descent and do it, and it's terrible thing. But I think that the investigations and all of the speculation that's happened for the last two years has had a much harsher impact on our democracy. Then a couple of Facebook ads. It's yeah. It's more than just a couple of Facebook ads. Jared, you know, quite frankly, I think it's just a big distraction for our country. He said well Jaren long Jared. They're coming for you. This is. This is this is something that was in my Twitter feed the other day, it was Todd Weiler Republican congressman here in Utah from I guess this the Centerville area. Layton, powerful bountiful he says after we talked about that Boehner candidate yesterday the woman shooting her husband because of porn porn on the TV pug wiler tweeted, it's nice to see the at RF h Bill though, that's me is finally on board with porn being a public health crisis at radio from hell and responding to that tweet was somebody named Dan McClellan who said the state of Utah has a higher firearm mortality rate fourteen for one hundred thousand than any excuse me. Then every last wealthy and developed nation on the planet. It's even higher than the United States national average of eleven point eight oh. And it's on the rise public health prices or no good, Dan. So which one is a public health crisis. I I don't I don't know. Exactly who Dan is. But the end thanks for jumping on the on. That animal activists are pressuring trying to pressure west valley city. Well, so excuse me, it's Taylorsville to reconsider their partnership a with west valley city animal shelter a move intended to put pressure on the government operated facility to stop using a gas chamber to euthanize animals, Utah is one of only four states where any animal shelters are still using bat method of euthanasia as the vast majority have moved toward injections, which experts say are cheaper and less painful for the animals and safer for the employees ease. More than a dozen advocate spoke at the Taylorsville city council meeting on Wednesday, urging the council to take a stand against the method. That they called barbaric and outdated by contracting with Salt Lake county animal show, Salt Lake county animal services instead of west valley animals have no voice, and they rely on human beings to speak for them. Which is why I'm here as well. As the rest of the people we've heard from today said Michelle Thornhill, Taylorsville residence, she told the council no living being should be exposed to this cruel inhuman and brutal torture. Oh, there's a Utah school district. I think it's the canyons school district that wants to. Raise annual salary for starting teachers so good to fifty thousand dollars, which is a substantial increase. Yes. And that is expected to touch off all another round of competitive salary wars among Utah's biggest school districts the canyons district proposed. The latest bump and agreement between the school board and local teachers associations, which includes boosting pay for all teachers by seven thousand six hundred sixty five bucks. Back comes amid statewide difficulties in hiring and rehire and retaining. Teachers can't can't find him. We can't keep them because we pay so little money. And so the canyons school district said we've got to start paying them more or we'll lose them. And that means other this fix are going to have to start paying that. And try to match canyons. We'll have the second highest starting teacher salary in the state after the Park City school district, which is starts at five a fifty thousand seven hundred so so this is making possible for teachers to pursue their passion. Do what they're good at. While. Also earning a living wage such can't canyon school board. President Nancy Tingey long overdue. Our priorities are all screwed up Jordan school district. They're starting salary is forty two thousand eight. At Salt Lake City school district. It's forty five thousand to start. That's nothing. That's nothing yet. Give give someone an incentive to be a teacher. Yeah. Rather than driving them away. Like a lot of people. I know Starbucks is adding needle disposal boxes to its bathrooms like for diabetics. Yeah. Gene. Diabetics diabetic response to safety concerns from employees. Starbucks is outfitted bathrooms at some locations with needle disposal boxes last year. The chain was investigated and find by the Oregon occupational safety and health administration after to employees in Eugene were stuck with needles. Needle disposal. Boxes have been added to locations in at least twenty-five domestic markets. And finally this. It's kind of cool Louis Louisville slugger the baseball bat and they make baseball bats. Their factory is busy right now making a whole bunch of pink Batts for mother's day. Nice. Major league baseball players not only use the customize bats in games to support breast cancer research. But the company also sells the bats to the public ten dollars from each sale goes toward the fight against cancer. It's really all about saving lives raising awareness and raising funds for breast cancer research said Rick Redman with Louisville slugger. We take a lot of pride in what we're able to do with this. When we started this in two thousand six didn't revision how big it would grow. This is the fourteenth year that Louisville slugger has created the special pink baseball, bats like one. Yeah. There you go. All right. That's it. Sports weather traffic. I'm gonna read this Email again because I like it. Okay. Darris Gina based solely upon your unbridled enthusiasm for the Utah Jazz. And you're determined declaration of them winning their upcoming game versus the rockets I logged onto my neglected online betting account and placed a two hundred dollar bet for the jazz to win. I lost two hundred dollars. But while I was there. I put another two hundred dollars on the clippers. Oh boy. What a game. Thanks to those fine fellas. I one eighteen hundred dollars. But really all the thanks goes to you for if I hadn't been so enticed by your confidence in the first place. I would have never logged onto my account would have never made. That bet. Thank you Brady. I said, congratulations. Take yourself out for a nice steak dinner is what I said Utah. Jay's snowflake take us all out for a nice steak dinner. Yeah. Eighteen hundred bucks. Now, the bees are playing the Albuquerque isotopes tonight, and it should be a beautiful night for baseball. That's at six thirty. Eighty and speaking of beautiful. Yes. Seventy two sunny, just a a lovely lovely day. Traffic..

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