DC, FBI, President Trump discussed on Garret Lewis


Seven hundred yard radio station. The clock is ticking for bread Kavanagh's accuser. I'm Chris foster, Fox News. The woman who says President Trump supreme court nominees sexually assaulted her. In high school has a deadline in twenty three hours to inform senators if she'd like to testify to hearing on Monday in DC, here's FOX's Rachel Sutherland, Chris Christine Blasi Ford once the FBI to investigate before hearing, so far President Trump has declined to get the agency involved something democratic Senator Doug Jones questions. Why is there a reluctance to get the FBI and fault? That's what they do. Democrats say Republicans are rushing to a hearing Senate Judiciary committee chair Chuck Grassley defense a time line. We've got to have time to plan for a hearing and was going come off. There's a certain time we got an order five people. Some Republicans have signaled the Ray to move on and vote if for decides not to testify Monday, Chris Rachel their reports of several people shot in Aberdeen Maryland. No details of commend yet. Really? But the FBI's assisting and calls it an active shooter situation. There's been an arrest. In the stabbing death of jogger in Washington. DC Tuesday night sufficient probable cause was established and this morning. We arrested and charged twenty three year old Anthony Crawford of northwest DC with first degree murder while arm. Dc police chief Peter Newsham says it does not appear to suspect knew the victim. Wendy Martinez was thirty five years old. She had a fiance their surveillance video from the take a takeout restaurant she stumbled into after being stabbed a man who shot at his ex wife and then killed his own parents at a retirement center in Pennsylvania is dead after a police chase aviation's help we were able to follow the vehicle into here. And he did crash into the original victims house state police trooper James Spencer says there was gunfire. It is not clear how Bruce Rogle died. He was apparently mad that his exit just been given their house in the divorce. That was being finalized on Wall Street. Big gain. The Dow is up two hundred and thirty two points,.

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