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This is the hugh hewitt show now on time traffic and weather on the patriot watch out for an accident blocking the left shoulder of seventy five northbound at shaper traffic is stop and go from southfield freeway and still continues to build you find about a five minutes load on over here we're also watching an accident blocking the left lane of south freeway northbound at warren traffic is stop and go from ford road and still continues to build you'll find some slowdowns on sixty six eastbound at eleven mile an accident blocks the left shoulder in that area you'll find seventy five southbound at slash perrodin accident blocks the right shoulder there as well use boston over here you find the right shoulder blocked and the lodge northbound after ten mile we do have an accident in that area and you'll find at times drive east and westbound between drive in ann arbor trail disclosed the flooding this is until further notice you're going to want to seek an alternate route your weather today patchy fog than sunny high of eighty two degrees tonight mostly clear dental low of fifty nine tomorrow we got sunshine and a high of eighty five right now despair and sixty four degrees i'm leon array for the patriot fm one zero one point five and am fourteen hundred up your radio here's the sean hannity morning minutes we lose the united states of america if we don't get to the bottom of this you lose your liberty of government deep state actors for political purposes can favor one candidate over another candidate and work to literally undermine the candidacy of one one party and then if he wins de legitimize that presidency and even attempt a soft coup by creating a phony story and phony narrative to de legitimize and then put the screws to people you know that had nothing to do with the socalled investigation is about so they start singing and composing whatever they need to compose that might go against the president that would lead to prosecution or impeachment that's what this is all about check.

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