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Rain heavy at times, a low of forty four degrees Tuesday morning, rain, mostly cloudy, breezy, high fifty five Wednesday, mostly sunny, cold and breezy, forty ones the high Thursday rain returns. Periods of a wintry. Mix is possible mainly to the north and west with a high of forty degrees. Depends on us ten sixty on your radio and live on the radio dot com app. Get it now and make KYW one of your favorites. I'm John Valeria Christina Hammersmith is at the editor's desk. Our top story. A civil lawsuit is filed against the former Catholic priests that was named in the Pennsylvania. Grand jury report on clergy abuse sports, sponsored by septa. Tis the season. The septa Santa expresses coming to a station near you. Is up to Philly dot com slash Santa express for details. I'm rob cherry from SportsRadio WIP with your sports update. Monday night. Joel Embiid thirty five points and eighteen rebounds. Sixers beat the heat one twenty four one fourteen JJ Radic at twenty five for the Sixers wet six players in double figures. Now nine six on the season. Sixers Wednesday use Jimmy Butler on Tuesday at the practice facility in Camden. The Sixers officially announcing the trade for Butler on Monday with Brett Brown saying before the game, Miami, you will fit in well with the Sixers I think defensively in the physicality did he plays win in replicates mirrors the spirit of Philadelphia. Like, he is a fierce competitor and their toughness that he plays with who. He is a bottle will make his debut Wednesday night in Orlando college basketball, Monday night at the Hagan arena. Sage Joe beat Monmouth seventy eight to sixty three the hawks improved a two and out in the latest coaches college basketball, Paul Villanova's now ranked eighth Illinois ever will host Michigan Wednesday night. And. A rematch of APRIL's NC championship game which the cats won on the day after the eagles fifth loss of the season. Doug Peterson attempting to pick up the pieces which now include another season ending injury us. Ed Bankin has the story. The whole suffered another major blow on the injury front with quarterback Ronald Darby lost the season due to a tornado C L coach Doug Peterson is hoping fellow quarterback. Sidney Jones will return this week from a hamstring injury. Sydney is coming along we're gonna we're gonna get him a little bit of work this week see where he's at you know, obviously, he's close. So so we'll see as this week of eagles. Now have four of their five regular defensive backs either out for the season or week to week with injuries. And now have to get set to face. Drew Brees the saints on Sunday with the eagles. I'm Ed Bankin. KYW NewsRadio eagles next game likely to be their toughest to date the saints of the NFL's hottest team, an.

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