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Touchdowns. If main pick field goals their games a lot tighter. Sixteen thirteen nineteen hundred whatever whatever it would equal it out to and that's a game that we can find ourselves stealing at the end. And maybe we'll go down and have a shot to win the game. So that's the biggest thing that we need to work on moving forward yards. Many don't matters really kick keeping teams out of the end zone. Lorenzo alexander. I like that point minyard's matter. But I like what he's saying there if the field goals if the touchdowns have been field goals work. That's. Put another way. That's what wins for us. You can have twice the scoring drives. But if I get seven, and you get threes, I win which is one reason why I think teams kick far too often in this in this league. But LA had no trouble, finishing drives me. Melvin gordon. Took could've taken a nap on two of his touchdowns on the way in like the first one when do you see a twenty yard run where once he gets to two bills defenders are just swallowed up at point of point of impact, the line of scrimmage, and once Gordon makes it through their which isn't too tough. Just nothing left. Right. So. Yeah. Right. If if those are not touchdown drives. I mean, I don't know if they the one the one he caught his third touchdown for twenty eight three. I believe was a third down pass. I don't know that the others were even on third down. So it was pretty easy. Yeah. Yeah. They have. They did not have a hard time. Really at all this chargers team a good offensive team. But but nothing I mean, the bills got trampled in the first half of this game credit to them. They played a good third quarter. And if the bills had been able mountain much of anything on offense beyond their first possession of the second half. Then you know this. This may have been. We get more of a game. But they couldn't. And so there we are Mike show in the bulldog here on the post game show thirty one twenty chargers bills now Owen to we bought a really be fans. Like here me seriously, like we should all be bracing for this. I think I kind of was to an extent because I want it to be about Allen. And I'm not worried about the results. And I even if I was expecting them to be the worst team in the league, I was expecting him to be a contender for a playoff spot. Like they were last year. But I mean, it's it's gonna be it's gonna be a tough year, man. It's gonna be a tough year. If they don't get it together on defense. It's going to be ugly. They are bad over there. One guy quit in the middle of the game with the sport. In the middle of game left. I'm done. I I don't know man, we've been debating some how good was Josh Allen. I was impressed. Ryan Fitzpatrick was good today in his game. Again, Tampa wins it New Orleans forty eight forty last week today beats Philadelphia twenty seven twenty one. So just so we're caught up rivers. Three touchdown passes. Four incompletions Mahomes for Kansas City five incompletions six touchdown passes. Neither had an interception. Fitzpatrick. Five incompletions one interception. Four touchdowns four hundred two yards against the eagles. And he had four touchdown passes last week. Yes. So good right now in this league is really good. Yeah. Those those are astonishing numbers. Yeah. I just I don't know. I I guess I'm trying to I'm saying I want you to hear me say the bars really low the bar is really embarrassingly low here. And again, like sure we should have met our eyes wide open a known. It was coming. The idea of this team being the worst team. The league is a very real idea to me sitting here right now. And these people have been running it for two years. Well, it's year to year two. The guy they judged as an upgrade. At corner. Quit the sport at halftime. Was inactive in week one. Gave him some gear this week, and he quit. That's not good. It's not a good job. Good job of evaluating. Selecting and character and all I quit. That's a joke. Bills are gonna get made fun of for a variety of reasons. Nathan Peterman is at the top of that list. Now picking Josh Allen. Is there the Hannah guy quit at halftime? I don't know. I probably that's happened at some other point in the NFL at least been around a long time. And it's a violent physically challenging I've been trying to think of an example from memory, and it's not I don't a lot about it. It's not really just right, but Dwayne Thomas remember, Duane Thomas. This is a long time ago. He was running back for Dallas. And he was good in a Super Bowl Super Bowl sex. But he was all he was always very difficult or seen is very difficult. And then he eventually just sort of. He was so irritated by so many things like it just didn't work out. He went to the chargers toward the end of his career. There was a shot of him. Like, he was so anti EU. So counter what the team was about on more than one team. But you have everybody on the field for warm-ups on the chargers as might have been like seventy three or something doing calisthenics. And he's way down at the other end by himself to stand in there. Like that is some guy that's a guy on a list like this. I don't know if he eventually quit or anything Hollywood ended for him. But I mean, I don't know of examples really of guys doing that. And I don't have Davis explaining himself. I don't sort of reluctant to blast off without hearing from him. But I mean, I feel like it's the kind of thing that football players would not respect. And that is how Lorenzo Alexander talked after this game apparently. Let's go to the phones. Again, here is David next. Hello, david. Hi, guys. I think the thing that I'm most discourage about right now is I thought that ownership and finally gotten there right with hiring the right GM and coach, but I'm starting to question. Their ability to judge Taylor. Let me look on all the dead cap money. We have in guys that they brought in here. And then let go Corey Coleman. AJ mccarron. I know they didn't draft Madonna's Washington. But you know, there's like how many players that they just cutting and dead cap money. And even guys they brought in here paying big money to like starla Tula lay. And they brought an injured Trent Murphy they brought in an injured. Monty davis. These guys are contributing nothing and they're eating up like how many tens of millions of dollars of candidates. I I don't I I don't understand. I guess I don't understand what they're doing. Yeah. Well, Jeremy curly's name should come up once. He was cut yesterday. And McDermott said they needed another defensive tackle. Because it was going to be hot. It was hot out. Yeah. I mean, I. I'm. That move. You got me bills. I don't I don't know what you're trying to do there. I don't I don't I don't know. I'm. Befuddled. I am I am. I'm I'm just I can't believe guy quit. The sport at halftime was bad f-. If you're going to do that. Yeah. He made a nice tackle on a play that stopped a charger running back from getting a first down. Well, they want to go out on top athletes. He did he made a nice play. He went out on top. It had to be in the first half. Right. Because he quitted had on on the field was in the first half that that happened. I'm sure of it now. Because he quit playing the sport at halftime. Wow. Let's go to Bill next. I Bill hold on a second. Please sorry about that. Bill now already. Oh, good. Hi, earlier caller in the question of your drinking. I think well, you must have been. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. We thought Josh Allen. I thought Josh Allen was impressive. I'm not speaking for you. So again, the lesson is when someone disagrees with you. They are probably under the influence or there must be some explanation for how they could not think the way you do. That's kind of how it is. So yeah. There does. Thank you Bill. Thanks for calling in holding on Pete is next. Although Pete, hey, good afternoon guys. I agree. Josh Allen was what's impressive today considering his first start one number of it? I haven't heard a lot of people talk about his time of possession. You know last week. We I think the ravens were plus pan on us today. The chargers might have been plus seven. So there's a marginal improvement there. But I'm not gonna mention it because I don't care about it. Okay. Well, another call earlier talked about playing small ball, you know, and and just holding onto the ball because you know, we're giving some of the best quarterbacks in the league, you know, another two possibly three possessions. And if we can start bringing that back little, hey, I don't think a few minutes of time of possession either last week or this week we would have won. But if the best thing we can do for our defense right now is probably just keep them off the field. Well, that means you're good. If you're able to do that. So it would just take. Care of itself. But I don't care about time possession. I care about points. I don't care how long it takes me to score yesterday was very hot. And you know, players are going to talk about like more like you're talking here. How it's all good to do that. But whatever they can make that point. Don't assume they're drunk if they make it I'm assuming that about you or anything of the sort. I just you know, whatever good players like the nineties bills. Right. I don't know. Did they win time of possession? They scored in a hurry. And they beat a lot of people. That's good enough for me. I would take that. I would definitely take that. Yeah. All right. Here's Pete next. Thanks, fellas. Great show as just one ask you the bottom line question. Do we have the infrastructure the coaching the intelligence here to rebuild the team from the bottom? I'm looking at them at my home trade, and you know, it's just frightening. Thank you passed on this kid. They were put down. It's like, it's a steal. We've got you know, look at this. We got a first round pick. It's great next year and everything look where we are just comparative to Mahomes to the quarterback in the rest of the team like better trade McCoy in a tight and trade these guys up now and get something for him. 'cause we're going to end up last last, thanks Ellis. I'm gonna listen to you. I mean infrastructure is a is a is an interesting way to put that Mahomes has the benefit of having his point of entry into the league be on a team that is absolutely loaded with skill position players. I mean, they are stacked. So that's a that's a much cushier gig. You know, but six touchdowns with six touchdowns. I mean, I look I'm there I want I want I wanted to pick him. But while I know. And Furthermore, I don't know how that'd be going. If he if he were their quarterback today playing here he wanted throwing six touchdowns. Watkins and Kelsey and tyreek hill and the whatever else running around the field. Team is loaded with talent. Yeah. I mean, I'll I'll say here is that I liked the it's not the Mahomes street. I don't want to call it that you can I like the trade last year for the bells I thought it was actually Hetty and a good sign for the franchise. Sean McDermott was brand new he hadn't coached a game. There was no GM except for Doug Whaley who was halfway out the door and they traded down in the best player on the team. Arguably or one of them is the player they got seventeen picks later. And you know, they kept tyrod Taylor on the team who was pretty decent. And this. This was something that I liked and they got a first round pick out of it. I'm not big on trading up over and over like the bills have pretty much done since. I don't think that's how it all. And that's I think the overall on this is that they were not setting out in a new direction. They just they wanted. They took that opportunity. And you cannot argue philosophically there about that. So I like that at that moment. Nobody knows about these quarterbacks. It's running talent is a huge point. I think it's seeing the least that Mahomes or any of these guys would struggle more here. This is probably the most struggling location in the league for these quarterbacks at this point, which you know, that's like this is kind of how we're talking today is also it's all on them. Well, that's on them to be the only. Piece. I want to fold into this analysis is if they had done that. Yes. They would not have accumulated extra stuff and would not have Davis white..

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